Is Treatment For Cancer Even Possible With Alternative Medicine?

When confronted with life threatening diseases like cancer, deciding which treatment is the best course of action becomes a difficult question. The fear of living with a disease makes us choose the seemingly best, most advanced route to curing it; however, such technologically sound ways are not always the best solutionfor fighting cancer.

The Tole Centre is an example of a medical facility that strongly believes in opting for a natural remedy to treat cancer and other diseases like it. Providing quality treatments for all patients with alternative medicine is the aim behind this center that has gained international fame and recognition.

A Look Into Dato' Master Tole’s Cancer Treatment

How does The Tole Centre cater to cancer patients? Dato' Master Tole, founder and lead physician of the center has a very unique perspective on herbal or alternative medicine. From the prominent lineage of the Tole Family, Leong is the 4th generation offspring with an interest in the family business. With constant research and development, this 51 year old physician has managed to transform the small family concern into a facility that is visited by renowned politicians and royals.

Dato' Master Tole believes in treatment of cancer alternative natural with Thetole. His treatments start with a thorough analysis of the patient’s medical history and reports. Even though Leong believes in herbs and their natural goodness, he understands the importance of a properly executed preliminary exam. Apart from taking a patient’s pulse and checking for signs of discoloration in the eyes and tongue, he says he also smells them.

“You can laugh but when a patient has a disease, they smell differently,” he explains. Next, Leong and his assistants perform Thetole’s Neuro-Acupuncture, a Chinese remedy to increase the ‘chi’ flow between the neurons of the brain. The physician inserts needles into the patient’s head for 30 minutes or so. This procedure has to be repeated twice a day for at least 6 to 8 months.

However, it isn’t only about acupuncture. Dato' Master Tole’s treatments are holistic, which means together with the acupuncture, he prescribes herbal concoctions that are to be taken regularly for many months. The ingredients and recipes used for these potions have remained theTole’s family secret for over 145 years. Because these remedies are such an integral part of the alternative cancer treatment, Leong either imports the herbs from China or grows themin a nursery under his own care.

During the time that a cancer patient spends with him, Leong offers to unravel him emotionally by extending support to make their lifestyles healthier and help them recover from the emotional stress of being sick. He says, “Some of them don’t know how to smile! Sometimes I have to tell them to look at the mirror and smile for 15 minutes thrice a day. They don’t know that it relaxes the liver and other organs.”

Hence, it is this combination of Thetole’s Neuro-acupuncture and ancient herbs that makes Dato' Master Tole’s treatments effective.