Make Way for the Tole Way

Autistic Disorder comes under the Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD) category of mental retardation. It is usually diagnosed at an early age. Therefore, treatment can start before expanded social interaction is required. If the Tole method is adapted since the beginning, it will be much more effective.

Parents usually realize that their child has this condition when they notice that the child does not act like the other children. The child’s attitude may seem like disobedience though they are not able to comprehend the instructions due to poor cognition. A child with Autism will not indulge in playful and imaginative activities the same way as other children. They might appear to enjoy self-harming activities more than normal. The feelings of these children may appear to be much more hardened as compared to those of even some adults. This is due to the fact that Autistic children lack the proper facility to relate their exact emotions appropriately. However, research shows that many such children are better at arts like music, dancing and painting.The Tole treatment offers kids with autism an opportunity to live an almost normal life.

Autism Kids Treatment with Thetole

Dato' Master Tole advises Thetole'sneuro-acupuncture sessions for Autistic kids, along with a special mix of medicine. The individualized medicine formula is made from herbs and comes from the knowledge of four generations. In the case of autism, there are more chances of positive results at early ages. The treatment cannot alter genetics but can pinpoint the lifestyle choices that may adversely aggravate the condition and aim to change them.

Common improvements reported under the Tole plan include the developmentof cognitive and motor skills, as well as a progression of speech and social skills. The kids are able to communicate better since their language improves. The acupuncture targets not only the rejuvenation of the brain, but even the physical instruments of language such as the larynx. Withthe dual action of bothThetole'sneuro-acupuncture anda special brain powder, there is over-all harmony.They bring about near impossible results that are ahead of the times.

The Tole treatment is the dream of every parent with an Autistic child. It offers fast delivery of medicineandThetole'sneuro-acupuncture is a guaranteed tried and tested method. Kids do not have to be sent to the hospital for minor complaints. Master Tole emphasizes patience and courage instead of blame and frustration. He brings parents out of a situation that may seem like a menacing one. A defeatist attitude is strongly discouraged since it worsens the environment.

The Tole treatment proves much better than themainstream Western treatment, which recommends surgery for such cases. The accommodating and understanding attitude of the team of physicians and nurses help with the dynamics of the family as well.Master Tole’s humble naturedoesnot allow him to take the credit for single-handedly working on the treatment for autism, a disorder from birth. However, he is the one who has made this miracle therapy available to the world.

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