Natural Uterine Cancer Treatment with Thetole Way

Uterine cancer occurs when tissue in the uterus experiences a malignant growth. This growth is either primary (development within the uterus) or secondary (somewhere else and travelling to the uterus).

The uterus is the organ in the female body located near the pelvis that houses children until they are born. Childbirth is a natural process that a female body is meant to undergo, which is why women that have never given birth have a greater chance of developing it. Besides this factor, many other reasons can be behind the development of this disease, some of which I will list below.

Causes of Uterine Cancer

1. Obesity: women that are obese put more stress on their organs, which may result in the growth of malignant cells.

2. Menstruation: if a female gets her period before the age of 12 or has a sporadic cycle, then this can result in cancer development. Menstrual cycles help rid us of the wasted eggs that we produce each month and if they do not leave the body properly or are not developing at the normal rate, this is warning sign.

3. Menopause: this is another leading cause of cancer for women that become menopausal after the age of 55.

4. Radiation: If the pelvis has been overexposed to radiation at any point, this encourages the abnormal growth of cells. If you have ever been in this situation, ensure that you undergo a cancer detection test every few months.

5. Hereditary: cancer can be passed down through generations. If there is a history of cancer in the family, then the chances of a person developing it increases tenfold.

Alternative Uterine Cancer Treatment withTheTole

The Tole natural healing centre is located in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. The family that runs the centre have been the pioneers in natural herbal treatments for over 145 years now, passing the skills from parent to child. The current head medical expert is Dato Master Tole, who runs the centre with the help of his family and assistants. He is an expert inThe ToleNeuro-acupuncture treatment, which uses this ancient Chinese healing process to cure patients.

The centrepractices a modern version of acupuncture, in which each patient is hooked up to machines through nodes that are attached to certain key areas on their bodies. These areas are selected according to each patient’s disease. Then,small electric currents are administered which help to motivate blood flow, decreasing the harmful effects of the cancer.

Acupuncture is combined with herbal medicines, juices, dietary changes and therapy. The patients are usually meant to stay at the centre for a few weeks. The intensity and frequency of the acupuncture treatments are determined by the stage of your cancer and how far it has spread.

Many patients have given thetolecentre rave reviews due to its success rate, however, not everyone leaves satisfied. Patients that are elderly and in dire condition have a very low chance of responding to the treatment, but if the treatment cannot cure the patient, the Dato Master can ease their suffering.