Couple Convinced of Efficacy of the Tole Cure for Ureter Cancer


It is a terrible piece of news when a person hears that she has ureter cancer. The word cancer is synonymous with fatal and incurable. However, it may not remain as feared with the rise of The Tole method. The amalgamation of acupuncture, Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture, herbal medicine and positive reinforcement are proving effective in the management of symptoms of various cancers.


The price of cancer drugs and chemotherapy is always on the rise without a similar increase in effectiveness. Unlike the Western medicine industry, the Eastern traditions are not hindered by the rules of profit. Though the demand of traditional complementary medicine remains relatively low, it does not stop more people from joining Dato' Master Tole’s practice in Malaysia. His center in Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lampur is now attracting thousands of patients from around the world.


The Tole amazing treatment is not only beneficial for the patient but for the family as well. The caretakers can avoid the agony of seeing a loved one go through therapy. That is what the husband of one of the patients at the center believes, “This is a miracle. It is exactly what my wife and I needed.”


Although the center has a nearby apartment house, they prefer to stay in private accommodation. They are looking forward to spending a longer time with each other thanks to The Tole method’s efficacy in the treatment of ureter cancer. Other patients also report that their prognosis under the Tole’s care is better than the one they got before, literally giving them a new life by adding years.


To all the skeptics out there who think this is another rip off and ‘miracle pill’, the couple assures that it is real. Though ureter cancer cure with Thetole treatment did not provide a complete remedyfor the women, but it stopped it from recurring. The best part is that it does not hurt at all. Excited with the relief from chronic pain in the abdomen, the patient went as far as to say, “Move over Superman, Master Tole is my hero!”


The hallways of The Tole center will not soon be forgotten by these beneficiaries of this wonderful treatment. The couple is awaiting the results of the long-term value of the treatment.According to their testament, it would seem that the traditional natural alternative proves effective for transitional cell cancer (TCC).


This is the miracle that Western drug companies and doctors will not tell you about. They hide this in order to keep people buying their drugs and remain dependent on their treatment. Master Tole brings to the world the ancient medicinal arts perfected with time.


His staff follows his example of friendliness and courtesy. He believes that the entire universe runs on positive energy and therefore even gives motivational talks to his herbs. His mission is to spread the knowledge that his forefathers have handed down to the right people. The larger dream is to reach as many people who are suffering needlessly.