Make The Tole Way of Medicine, The Right Way for You!

You must have heard about treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy, but you would be pretty much oblivious to the term TCM- Traditional Complementary Medicine. While the former are types of modern medicine, the latter refers to alternate means of medicine which require milder and moderate techniques and procedures. The Tole medication is a kind of TCM that treats illnesses from the minor common flu to the most life threatening of diseases. Using techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and various psychological therapies, the Tole way of medicine has gained momentum in recent times.

What is a Tumor?

In purely scientific terms, a tumor is also known as neoplasm and refers to the lumping of tissues into glands, which can either be solid or semi-solid. Categorically, tumors can be of two types, malignant and benign. Many a times, the clustering of tissues results in glands, which when tested indicate signs of cancerous cells. These types of tumors are known as malignant and can cause irreparable damageto the body. Benign tumors are masses of tissues which do not pose any threat to the body, but they need to be treated so as to avoid permanent damage to various organs.

Tumors Treatment with Thetole

The Tole center for medical research and development is headed and founded by the infamous Chinese acupuncturist, Dato' Master Tole. Being the mastermind behind the Tole center, Master Tole has an ancestral line of medicinal practitioners and Dato' Master Tole was nurtured and brought up to pursue the family business.

“As children, my siblings and I used to fight using ginseng branches. We watched my father treat patients and dispense herbs. It was our family philosophy to pass down the knowledge and to never turn away a patient in need. We had to find a “cure” for the patient and money was always secondary.”

Master Tole not only carried forward the family name, he was perhaps one of the first people to formulate a perfect combination of treatments using traditional and modern sciences. Essentially, he is a specialist acupuncturist and uses Thetole’sneuro-acupuncture to treat most of his patients, children being an alarming majority of them. However, he also uses herbal medication side by side, in order to speed up the recovery process. According to Dato' Master Tole, the herbs are specially imported from China, but grown in his very own nursery.Dato' Master Tole is usually found at his nursery, talking to the plants:

“I tell the plants to become stronger and happy so that they can serve the patients better.”


To sum it up, saying that the right way of medication is the Tole’s way would perhaps be a bit premature. However, it can surely be said that the Tole’s way of medication is highly effective and has a remarkably high success rate. Therefore, if you want to avoid the side effects of modern medicine, adopting the TheTole neuro might be the right choice for you.