Throat Cancer, or ‘Nasopharynx Cancer’ as it is officially known, is becoming increasingly common around the world. Cancer has become more prevalent in the last few decades than ever before, and doctors give different reasons for this. Some say that it is due to our diet, the increased amount of pollution around us, the lack of exercise, exposure to natural elements and many more.

Research into cancer treatments has become one of the most funded portions of the medical world,however, despite the daily innovations and available therapy, there is still no cure. This is because medical experts only partly understand this disease due to its complex nature. The rate at which it can spread, the nature of its development and the rate of response to treatment are factors that differ with each patient. Some patients respond well and are cured; others can undergo treatment for years without positive results.

Allopathy has numerous treatments available, which become more severe and taxing as your stage progresses. This is the main reason why patients are looking to return to the old ways of natural herbal treatments, which are a less severe on the body.

Throat Cancer Treatment with TheTole

The Tole Center is located in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and it is one of the oldest and most reputed natural treatments on the market. The owner and head physician, Dato Master Tole, has been taught acupuncture and herbal medicine mixing by his father and uncle, who ran the center before him. Over the years he has honed his skills, and his diverse pool of patients is a testament to that.

Treatment Procedures

The Tole treatment consists of a few steps. Firstly, the patient's medical history and physical state is examined by the Dato master and his associates. Once they are sure of the stage the patient is at, a treatment plan is formed. The Tole natural treatment will start with herbal medicines, which are a combination of herbs mixed specifically for each patient according to his/her needs.

Then you have the herbal juices and dietary changes. The patient has to consume juices that are meant to flush the system and help with the healing process. This combined with a diet that is rich in foods with the right nutritional value to combat the disease, make the body more susceptible to the cure.

Next, you have the acupuncture. The Tole’sNeuro-acupuncture treatment has been refined over the years. Acupuncture is a minimally invasive practice, with little to no side effects. The last thing that the Dato Master encourages is the use of positive thinking. Emotional therapy is greatly stressed upon; along with the patients, caregivers are also encouraged to remain focused and have a hopeful outlook, so that the patient feels the same way. The patient is encouraged to share his feelings, exercise and resume his normal daily routines to maintain a level of normalcy.

The above treatments combined are known as the ‘The Tole Way’. The success rate of these treatments has been highest with patients that have arrived inthe early stages, because the disease is easier to control them. The later you are diagnosed, the lower your chances of a complete recovery are, so cancer tests every six months are very important and might just save your life.