The Tole Balances Energy, Cures Pituitary Gland Cancer

The human body has many organ systems that have to work in harmony in order to maintain health. The nervous system is a combination of nerves, the brain and spinal cord and conducts electric current throughout the body. In this way, it is like a machine that needs a regular tune up.


Treatment of Pituitary Cancer Cure with Thetole

The Tole cure provides acupuncture therapy, which rejuvenates the body. The method involves insertion of needles at key points in the skin that have been pinpointed as particular stress points. The needles act as a sort of grounding wire, directing negative energy, such as that causes pituitary gland cancer, out.

Most often clients come after they have been disappointed by Western medicine. Cancer patients, especially with the rare form of pituitary gland cancer, choose The Tole treatment because they are not satisfied by surgery, chemotherapy and the seriously painful side-effects of radiotherapy.

The Tole way is similar to the Western way in the sense that it involves a combination of procedures, medicine and a change in lifestyle. However, that is where the similarity ends. Whereas the Western canon has developed drugs based on chemicals, the Eastern alternatives are more natural and are made with herbs.

The technique mastered by Master Leong Hong Tole is neuro-acupuncture. General acupuncture has been perfected by many practitioners but with neuro-acupuncture one carries risk if practiced incorrectly. Though he is experienced with all forms, Master Tole has dedicated his life to neuro-acupuncture.

The Tole clinic and team can provide diagnostic tests before the prescription of the actual medicine and treatment plan. They follow some common criteria for diagnosis but also focus on the psychological and lifestyle aspects of a disease.

No method so far has provided a cure for pituitary gland cancer but The Tole family secret formulas provide comfort and a quality of life better than patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy. Also, the hormonal drugs prescribed do not have a guarantee and are not always the best since they are controlled by the rules of industry, not health.

An American woman of Chinese origin who has used The Tole method of treatment explained how she came to choose this. Her first tumor in the pituitary gland was diagnosed at the young age of thirty-six. Although the first tumor proved benign, the trial was devastating news for her husband and her.

She started off with the Western approach; her doctor decided to proceed with surgically removing the tumor and put her on supplement hormones. When another tumor appeared a year later, the patientís husband recommended that they try the medicine of their own part of the world. That is when they came across Master Tole and his center.

They liked the idea of re-aligning the bodyís electrical energy in order to use it for the overall advantage of an individualís health. They put their trust into the acupuncture and herbal medicine. In three months, she was better and they have not looked backed!