Suffering From Ovarian Cancer? Try The Tole Medication

What is The Tole Way?

The Tole Medical Centre is nothing less than a miracle. Located in Malaysia, in an office building, the centre has been founded by Dato' Master Tole, the 4th generation scion of the Tole Family. While the clinic may not look extraordinary at first sight, what is truly amazing about the centre are the treatments performed there.

The Tole Centre reflects the philosophy of its founder. Dato' Master Tole believes in the goodness of herbal extracts, a concept not many believe in. However, the world’s conviction in alternative medicine is reinforced every time a patient walks out of the doors of the Tole Centre with renewed physical and psychological health. No matter what the disease or the stage it is at, Dato' Master Tole’s curative herbs have become internationally recognized for curing it.

With patients flying in from 160 countries worldwide, Leong’s Chinese way of healing treats ovarian cancer in thousands of women who may well have otherwise lost hope of leading a happy and healthy life. But what is it about this medication that none of the modern, state-of-the-art medical facilities can provide it?

Dato' Master Tole’s Treatment for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer cure with Thetole is very simple yet powerful. Once a woman comes in with a diagnosis for this disease, Dato' Master Tole first analyzes the patient’s medical reports. Even though the Master’s treatment for ovarian cancer is old-school, the 51 year old physician understands the importance of a thorough and well documented diagnosis.

Next, Leong and his assistants take the patient to an exam room to check her pulse and heart rate to complete a preliminary medical exam. The physician’s unique treatment begins by engaging patients in conversations about their lifestyle and eating habits. From checking the color of the patient’s eyes to the appearance of their tongue, Dato' Master Tole makes sure there is a 360 degree analysis before a particular treatment begins. He says, “At times I smell them too. You can laugh but if a person has a particular disease, they smell differently.”

Because he believes in giving moral and psychological support as well, Dato' Master Tole’s treatment for this disease is packed with emotional therapy. No doubt, ovarian cancer is one of the most life-threatening diseases known to mankind. With more and more women living with abnormal growth in their reproductive organs, emotional support is a must for patients to fight and defeat the overpowering effect of ovarian cancer.

Once all the preliminary work is done, Leong starts a Thetole’s Neuro-Acupuncture process on the patient. With experienced fingers, he inserts tiny needles in the woman’s scalp in strategic points that are known to increase the ‘chi’ flow between neurons of the brain. The key to the Master’s treatment is increased flow of blood and oxygen within the brain, which is then in a better shape to control the body’s natural healing cycle.

In combination with acupuncture, the physician also prescribes herbal concoctions for ovarian cancer patients. These potions are specially mixed together by Leong, whose belief in alternative medicine is a benchmark for herbalists everywhere.