The Tole Rescue – Tumors Natural With TheTole

I was having severe back pain for over two years. At the prime of my life, mid-thirties, I started getting painful cysts. I went to various doctors in my vicinity, with little to no success. The best relief I had was from a chiropractor but that only lasted a few weeks. Also, the clinic only provided relief from the symptom of pain from the cysts, but the cysts did not go away. Eventually the situation got worse and one of my larger back cysts turned cancerous. Hearing the word that no one ever wants to hear, a deep abyss opened up in front of me. Though the cancer was not deemed fatal at that point, it did not take away from the fear of it. Doctors suggested surgery to remove the tumor, but with no guarantee. The tumor could come back any time, and even more vigorously.

I decided to go ahead with the first surgery, but after the second tumor appeared only two months later, I resigned myself to a short lifetime of recurring cancerous back tumors. I had almost given up hope when I casually over-heard a conversation about something called The Tole. Out of curiosity I decided to do an internet search for it. I had heard about acupuncture and natural herbal medicine as an alternative to Western allopathic medicine and treatment. However, I had never actually given it much thought. I was skeptical of methods that were not tried, tested and accepted in my own community. Little did I know that some methods, like Masters Tole’s, have been practiced in the East for more than a century and over four generations!

To be honest, I was still not convinced. I decided to do more research around natural herbal medicine in general and Master Tole’s methods specifically. The more I read about it and the more pages I opened on the website, the more intrigued I got. Finally, I hit upon a prescribed remedy for a condition that sounded a lot like my own. The website suggested that the treatments worked better if they catered to the specific needs of each individual patient. I did have qualms about sharing my medical history with someone so far away but I figured what was the worst that could happen?

Finally, after a week of research and asking around, I took a leap of faith. I scanned and emailed my medical records to the center. The reply came about what the Tole way could do about my tumor predicament. I read the plan not once but twice before I finally made the decision to order the natural herbal medicine. The package arrived as promised and I started use promptly.

It was the best decision for my health I made in my life! Not only did my tumors slowly decrease in potency, they also occurred less and less frequently. Eventually after a few months of continuous treatment, I remained symptom-free more regularly. Now I am happy to say that my tumors are almost cured thanks to The Tole treatment!

I would greatly recommend this treatment and I hope my story will help you make your own best decision!