Treating Rectal Cancer Natural with Thetole

What is Rectal Cancer?

  • Rectal cancer is a painful cancer that affects the daily aspects of your life. The rectum is part of the digestive system, a vital system that breaks down and processes nutrients to nourish the body. The digestive system also helps pass waste through the body.

  • When cancer cells begin to form in the tissues of the rectum, a patient is said to have stage I rectal cancer. As the cancer progresses and the cells begin to grow in number, the stages progress. The area of the rectum is in such a precarious location that cancer is very dangerous in this area. The stomach and the intestines are connected to the rectum through the digestive system. Once cancer cells begin to spread, they affect these areas first. Once the stomach and intestines have been afflicted, it is very difficult to treat the cancer.

  • Risk Factors

  • Patients with a family or personal history of cancer are at a greater risk for developing rectal cancer. Older patients (over 40) and those with hereditary conditions such as hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer are also at a greater risk.

  • Symptoms of rectal cancer include blood in the stool and changes in bowel movements such as diarrhea, constipation or different shaped stool. General symptoms such as fatigue, unexplained weight loss and loss of appetite may also occur.

  • Physicians will use a digital rectal exam to look for lumps or anything unusual. A colonoscopy may also be performed to find any polyps (small pieces of tissue) in the colon. Tissue samples are removed and sent in for a biopsy.

  • Thetole’s Treatment Method

  • If a patient has been diagnosed with rectal cancer, there are natural remedies available to him. At The Tole Medical Center of Thetole’s Neuro Acupuncture Treatment and Herbal Medicine, Dato' Master Tole has developed a platform for patients who desire to be treated naturally. With specific customized herbal packages fit for patients’ personal health issues, the Medical Center has brought health back to thousands of patients.

  • Dato' Master Tole is a fourth generation acupuncturist with years of experience behind him. His family has been studying the works of natural medicine for over 145 years. With all of this knowledge accumulated, Dato' Master Tole is the perfect candidate to treat patients with natural medicine.

  • Dato' Master Tole’s Method

  • People from 160 countries come to visit The Tole Medical Center in hopes of finding a therapy. Rectal cancer natural with Thetole begins here. Patients suffering from this serious disease are put at ease when they visit The Tole Medical Center. Dato' Master Tole is very compassionate, works with the patients to calm them down, and helps them understand what is going on inside them and what he can do to help.

  • Dato' Master Tole’s holistic approach to medicine and his use of natural remedies has made him a world-renowned figure. Thousands of individuals who seek his help have admired his work. No disease is too difficult to handle for Dato' Master Tole. With the right mind-set, the perfect combination of herbal medications, rectal cancer natural with Thetole is possible.