How Effective is the Tole Treatment?

With the focus shifting to modern science, alternative medicine hastaken a backseat. Due to lack of research and development in this area, traditional medicine remains unexplored and untapped. However, in recent times, The Tole treatment has gained momentum and has emerged as a perfect alternate to modern medicine; so much so that people are slowly abandoning modern medicinal practices and adopting the Tole way.

What is TCM?

As opposed to modern medicine, TCM is a more traditional way of treatment and has its roots which date back to ancient Chinese practices. TCM stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine and provides a 360 degree solution to all medical ailments. It uses techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, breathing exercises and remedial therapy. TCM is built upon the principles of Chinese medicine which require balance and harmony in all body functions. Contrary to popular belief, TCM gives greater attention to preventing diseases, rather than finding their treatment. The philosophy behind the phrase “prevention is better than cure” can truly be applied to TCM.

Neck Cancer Tumors Treatment with TheTole

Neck and head cancer is used as a single term and refers to the formation of cancerous cells in the moist areas of the neck and head. Depending on the area of the neck or head, the type and form of cancer tends to differ. If not diagnosed during the early stages, the cancer might spread to other organs of the body, especially if cancer cells are malignant in nature. Modern techniques such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery mighttreat the cancer, but can have disastrous side effects. The Tole medication, which follows the principles of TCM, has various treatments to cure neck cancer, without adverse side effects.

What is The Tole Treatment?

The Tole center is a medical research facility which was founded by Dato' Master Tole, a 51 year old physician and acupuncturist. Tole uses a variety of traditional methods to treat diseases ranging from a normal cold to the most life threatening ones. Master Tole uses a branch of acupuncture known as Thetole’s neuro-acupuncture to treat most of the diseases. By inserting needles at focal points in the head and neck, a sufficient and adequate flow of blood is regulated to all organs of the body. However, for Dato' Master Tole, the comfort and convenience of his patients is of utmost importance.

“If patients have a phobia of needles, they can be treated with herbs alone, but it depends on the problem. For example, for strokes and cerebral palsy, I have to use needles.”

Herbal medicine is also one of the many fortes of Dato' Master Tole. Using a secret family recipe, Tole imports various herbs from China and processes them into a medical potion. Although the recipe is centuries old, Master Tole keeps on updating and improving it, depending on the nature of an illness.

Some say that The Tole treatment is not effective when used in isolation. If you feel that the nature of your disease is too severe, seek professional advice and continue using both, modern and traditional techniques simultaneously!