The Tole Treatment Shows Success in Symptoms of Rare Cancer

Research has shown that many forms of cancer are related to long-term lifestyle choices. An example is nasopharyngeal cancer, the risk of which is three times higher than the average for long-term smokers. This is one main reason that The Tole treatment is focused not only on medicine and procedures but also on a structured aim to change the patient’s outlook on life.

When setting out down The Tole path, you can rest assured that the treatment being received comes from over a century of practice. Over generations, the methods and medicines have been tried, tested and improved. This makes them more tested and effective than the current drugs on the market for nasopharyngeal cancer. It is a rare cancer and Tole’s treatment has proven effective against its symptoms.

A case in point is of a thirty-five year old Bangladeshi carpenter with a family history of cancer, who was a smoker for twenty-two years. He started getting a regular sore / hoarse throat, headaches, and nose bleeds. He went to different local clinics which treated him for varied diseases like influenza and tuberculosis. Eventually he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

One of his employers heard about this devastating news. The kind woman had been working for an NGO (non-governmental organization) for health in the country. The woman had been working on getting natural alternatives for Western medicine available for her fellow countrymen. She had already been working closely with The Tole foundation based in Malaysia. She bought products online for those who her charity catered to.

Master Leong Hong Tole’s prescribed treatments are very individual based. The charity worker collected the information from the carpenter and sent it to the organization to be reviewed. Soon she ordered the prescribed medicines, which arrived at the charity.

The charity volunteer worked closely as a middleman between the carpenter and The Tole foundation, sending regular updates between them. According to the patient suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer, The Tole natural medicine is the best he has had. He reports that the one he has to take regularly is a tasteless brownish liquid (whose ingredients are Tole’s secret formula). He has been taking the medicine for three months now and so far he has not noticed any side-effects.

Also, he is working on his nicotine addiction, wearing a mask during wood-work and has balanced his diet. These practices are to help reduce the irritation caused by his throat cancer. Both the patient and the case-worker have observed an improvement in the severity of the symptoms. The progress is claimed to be effectively consistent if a patient keeps to the treatment plan strictly.

The natural treatment that Tole offers is proving popular world-wide, not least due to its success with relieving symptoms of otherwise tough-to-deal with diseases and conditions. As the foundation expands and Master Tole’s team of physicians grows, they will be able to extend their reach. Currently they are treating at their main clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the medicine can be ordered online from around 160 countries.