The Tole Treatment – Miraculous Method for Multiple Myeloma

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Multiple myeloma is a severe and painful form of cancer of the plasma cells. The last stage includes especially agonizing symptoms like chronic tender bones and infections due to cancer in the white blood cells. Western medicine treats this cancer with its routine of surgery, chemotherapy and drugs. However, these treatments are not guaranteed to prevent a relapse and are accompanied by side-effects, which bring problems of their own.

Treatment of Myeloma Cancer Natural with Thetole

The aim of treatment should help improve the patient’s quality of life, not add to the burden of disease. This is the aim of Master Tole’s natural treatment methods. Dato' Master Tole is a fourth-generation practitioner of herbal medicine and traditional complimentary medicine (TCM). He is the founder of The Tole organization, with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

An Indian observer would find some similarities in Master Tole’s Chinese methods and Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. Both involve treatment with medicines derived from mixtures of natural herbs. Also, the central principle is to rejuvenate the entire body’s energy flow in order to treat even the slightest ailment.

Patients often turn to these alternatives when Western medicine fails them. The familiar method makes The Tole center popular with patients from the subcontinent. Malaysia’s open-door tourism policy makes it easy for even those from the third-world to come for treatment. Even though multiple myeloma cancer makes it painful to travel, there are patients at the clinic’s condominium awaiting the Tole’s natural remedy for it.

Though the TCM physicians do not guarantee a complete treatment, the medicines have proven to be effective in the management of symptoms. Moreover, the entire treatment works therapeutically as well, giving patients a mental make-over.

Indian patients, even from humble backgrounds, find money to come and get a series of sessions of Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture, one of the main forms of treatment laid out by The Tole method. For most diseases, including the vigorous stages of multiple myeloma cancer, the acupuncture is combined with natural herbal medicines. These are a mixture of herbs, some of which are from Master Tole’s own herbal garden.

The oral liquid is easy to administer, making it an ideal choice for illiterate patients. Further, the physicians’ attitude towards the patients is not at all business-like and the clinic fosters a very friendly and welcoming environment. Though as of yet, the organization has not come up with a sliding scale for less fortunate patients, the clinic is still thriving.

Also, the cost of an entire series of Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture is less than that of one session of radiation chemotherapy. The new cancer drugs offered on the market are out of the reach of many, making The Tole’s medicine an affordable choice.

There are many testimonials and success stories of The Tole natural method from around the world. One patient of Indian origin adds to these claims that the method is particularly effective, especially for his multiple myeloma cancer. Lucky for him, it was detected early and he immediately found a referral for the Malaysian-based The Tole Center. He has been under consistent treatment The Tole way for over half a year now.


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