Tole’s Alternative Treatment for Kidney Cancer

Where does one turn when Western medicine fails, especially for rare forms of cancer? The natural instinct is to turn towards the East, which hasits own established methods of treatment. Usually Eastern methods include acupuncture, treatment with herbs, emotional regulation and lifestyle changes. Whereas the Western methods tend to focus on the particular problem area and then work from there, Eastern practice has a more holistic and natural approach.

The East believes that dysfunctions of the body and mind will keep occurring unless all parts of the human aspect work together in harmony. One believer of this philosophy is Leong Hong Tole, a Chinese physician of world-wide renown.

Master Tole’s clinic is based in Malaysia and caters to an international clientele. ‘Master’ is more than just Mr. Tole’s title; it signifies his mastery of traditional complimentary medicine. His experience and practice is backed by three generations’ worth of work in the field.

During a visit to the clinic, the practice of neuro-acupuncture was observed in a session for an adult with kidney cancer. The patient was being treated by one of the many associates of Master Tole. While lying down, he explained how the treatment had been working for him. Previously, he had had surgery to remove his kidney after he was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. The Western-based doctors had given him no guarantee that the cancer would not return.

The patient narrated how he had come across The Tole method through a friend, whose father had experienced success with their medicine. He decided to take a job position in Malaysia so he would be able to visit the Tole center for continuous treatments of kidney cancer natural with Thetole.

The first step for admission into the treatment program was a complete medical history and a physical examination. Then a treatment plan was devised, which is usually a combination of acupuncture and herbal methods. In the neuro-acupunture session, the patient has needles inserted at special points in his head. This has the effect of balancing the Qi, or electric energy flow of the brain and body. The sessions are complimented with herbal medicine particular to the disease under treatment.

All Tole methods and ingredients for the medicines are natural. They have proven to be effective in the treatment of various diseases that Western medicine cannot usually help with. The interviewed patient explained how his experience with the medicines that were prescribed before by mainstream doctors ended up giving him side-effects such as dehydration. He further explained that since the Tole medicine was only part of the entire package of the Master’s prescribed treatment program, and that it had worked wonders for his kidney cancer.

Now the patient has settled in Malaysia and is working on helping expand The Tole organization. Their efforts helped him and he is determined to give back. He is dedicating his expertise in Information Technology to develop an interactive website for potential new patients. He is especially keen on reaching others with kidney cancer and introducing them to Master Tole’s natural treatment.