Alternative Medicine: An Epilepsy Natural Treatment with The Tole

Epilepsy is a brain disorder characterized by two or more seizures occurring. When there is a sudden burst of electrical activity in the body’s neural network, a disruption is caused in the functioning of the brain, and this leads to an epileptic seizure. In such a seizure, aside from the erratic neuro-electric activity, there is an uncontrolled thrashing of the muscles or limbs, and sometimes a temporary loss of consciousness.

People suffering from epilepsy are called epileptics, and although it is a very common disorder, epileptics are often the victims of social discrimination and stigmatization. What is more disturbing is that very few people, particularlyin developing countries, will actually have access to proper treatment for epilepsy. The typical treatment involves therapy and anticonvulsant drugs, but some people feel that modern medical techniques have little effect on them. For such people, epilepsy natural with Thetole is a viable alternative treatment.

The Tole Acupuncture Herbal Medication Center is a medical center located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Sometimes simply referred to as The Tole, this facility has been treating patients who suffer from epilepsy since it was established in 1992. The person responsible for setting it up, is Dato' Master Tole. He is a fourth generation Chinese Physician and neuro-acupuncturist. He comes from a family of alternative medicine practitioners, who have been using their own natural remedies to treat patients for over a century. The recipes remain a secret, but Dato' Master Tole has refined them over the years. He has been given the title of ‘Master’ by his patients who consider him a highly skilled physician.

The treatment of epilepsy natural with thetole consists of a combination of Dato' Master Tole’s neuro-acupuncture and herbal medicine. He consults with his patients, gets to know them, and then draws out plans to treat their epilepsy. He inserts needles into the scalp, which is meant to stimulate the neuro-electric activity, allowing the uninterrupted flow of ‘Qi’, or energy, through the brain. In epileptic patients, enhanced neural activity can improve their condition. Dato' Master Tole also prescribes herbal medicine, which is consumed as a drink, and is meant to heal the body. He may also recommend lifestyle changes and even attitudinal changes to his patients, which he believes makes a difference. He says:

“Sometimes I have to tell them to look at the mirror and smile for 15 minutes, three times a day. They don’t know that this makes the liver and other organs more relaxed. I have to teach them what to do ‘outside’ to manipulate the inside.”

His patients love him for his cheerful demeanour, while he remains very calm and understanding with each of them. The treatment for epilepsy natural with Thetole normally takes 1 to 6 months, and patients have to come visit Dato' Master Tole in between for acupuncture sessions. Patients with epilepsy have shown improvement only weeks after beginning The Tole treatment. Dato' Master Tole has become a revered figure in alternative medicine circles, and a long history of successful treatments brings people from all the world over to The Tole, in search of his treatment.