Cancer Tumor Treatments at TheTole Centre

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China is one of the oldest civilizations known to man. They were pioneers in almost every field, whether it was weapon making, the art of war, literature, artor medicine. They understood human physiology before anyone else, using bamboo sticks and hot stones placed along the correct veins to heal their sick. Over the years, this developed into what is known as acupuncture today.

Acupuncture is the preferred method of healing in china to this day, with its techniques spreading across South East Asia. Despite the advancements in science and the medicine around the globe, there are many people that prefer to use this natural and less harmful way to treat their ailments, probably due to the lack of side effects.

One center that has gained international recognition in recent years is the Tole Acupuncture Herbal and Medical Centre in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. The same family has run this practicefor over a century, with each generation building on the knowledge of their predecessor to further enhance their treatments. Currently, it is run by Dato' Master Tole, who is a fourth generation healer in his family, taught the art from an early age by his father and uncle.

The Treatment of Cancer Tumors Natural with Thetole

Patients from around the world have been seeking out the master, especially cancer patients, to find less painful and more natural alternative treatments. The ‘Tole way’ involves travelling to Kuala Lampur for a complete check up by the Master and his protégés. After a patient’s disease is determined along with how far the cancer has progressed, a treatment plan is formed.

Firstly a batch of herbal medicines is mixed to help heal the patient from within. If the herbal medicine is not enough to control the disease, then acupuncture is also administered. This involves pricking the patient with very fine needles along key points on their body, and delivering small electric shocks at intervals. This is meant to help stimulate the physiology of the patient, increasing blood flow and diminishing the tumors.

Patients are not required to come to the center for more than a few weeks, after which they can return home. Medicines are mixed and sent to each patient’s doorstep through a courier service, and consultations sessions can be set up with the Master over the phone or internet to help deal with any problems that might arise.

Patient Testimonies

Hundreds of patients have been to the Tole Center over the years, converting to the Tole way of medication. One such story is of a man named Charlie, whose aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After days of online research on cancer therapies and their side effects, Charlie stumbled upon the Tole center’s website.

After reading up on the treatment procedure and the history of the center, he decided to give it a try and contacted the Master for assistance. After a consultation, the Master prescribed a list of herbal potions for the patient, which included medicine that could be ingested, applied to the skin and powders that were mixed into juices. Along with the medication, the Master counselled Charlie in emotion and play therapy for his aunt, and within a week he started to see positive results.

A second case was that of Mr C.K Soon from Singapore. He had liver cancer and to remove the tumors, doctors had operated on him and removed 2/3rds of his liver. The remaining 1/3rd stopped functioning properly, leading to water accumulating along his waist because his natural disposal system stopped working, placing him in a coma. In a last desperate attempt, his siblings bought herbal medicines from the Tole center and started giving him those. Within a day he was sitting up and within three weeks he was fit to travel.

He then travelled to the center and underwent intensive acupuncture treatments for 2 months, after which he returned home. His next test from the hospital informed him that he was now cancer free, just by using natural herbal medicines and acupuncture.