Miracles are commonplace at The Tole, a medical center famous for alternative herbal cures for life threatening diseases like cancer. Established in 1992, The Tole is run by the 4th generation offspring of the Tole Family, Leong Hong, a physician and herbalist by profession and a close friend to each and every patient who walks through the doors of his medical facility.

The Tole Centre specializes in alternative medicine, giving hope and a new life to thousands of cancer patients who fly from 160 countries to Malaysia, only to be treated at the center. It is Leong’s charismatic personality and his unique, “natural” treatment plans that intrigue people from all over the world to come and see the Chinese physician work his magic on them.

Cancer Natural Natural with Thetole

Leong’s cancer treatments are two pronged. He specializes in both, the preparation of herbal concoctions and Neuro-acupuncture. While the herbal ingredients used in the potions are a Tole secret, Leong has researched intensively over the past years to formulate new potions and increase the effectiveness of the existing ones.

To make sure every concoction is prepared just as it was years ago, when his father ran the family business, Leong makes sure he grows the herbs and plants under his care. Every morning, the physician can be found in his nursery, talking to infant herbs. “I tell the plants to be happy and get strong so that they can serve the patients better” explains Leong.

The Master shows the same feelings of affection towards his patients, connecting with them on an emotional level to ease their fear and give them hope for renewed health. Leong says, “Sometimes I have to tell them to look in the mirror and smile for 15 minutes thrice a day. They don’t know it relaxes their liver and other organs.” Hence, unraveling them emotionally and bringing positive changes to their lifestyles is part of the holistic treatment provided at The Tole Centre.

Once a cancer patient is examined for signs and symptoms that indicate the progression of the disease, Leong performs Neuro-Acupuncture to relax and empower the neurons in the brain. In alternative medicine, this is called the “chi flow.”The many needles inserted in the patient’s head are quite painless, thanks to Master Leong’s skill and expertise as an acupuncturist.

From a 3 to 8 month treatment plan, the herbs and acupuncture sessions are scheduled according to every individual’s need because, Leong understands that no two cancer patients have the same medical history. Hence, the Master’s treatment for cancer can be summed up in these words:“I have to teach them what to do outside to manipulate what’s inside.”

The Contemporary Side Of The Tole

While the treatments at The Tole may be old school, the communication modes are not. Leong believes in imparting the goodness of plants and herbs to anyone and everyone. Therefore, if patients aren’t able to fly to his country to see him, the physician also communicates via telephone or emails. Patients ortheir guardians can send medical reports for Leong to review and advise a course of treatment that should be followed.