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    Pinning Hopes on Leong Tole

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    Pinning Hopes on Leong Tole

    It is very seldom that one sees a family business carry on for generations with the same philosophy of good will and genuine concern for the society. But then again, it isn’t very often that one sees a medical marvel stand in front of you, smiling in a white lab coat either. Leong Tole, the 4th generation offspring of the Tole Family, is a man of miracles and rightly titled Physician of the Year(1992) by the Neuro-Acupuncture Institute in Beijing.

    Founder and lead physician at The Tole Centre, Leong is a man of virtue. Despite sky reaching fame and popularity as the Guru of Alternative Medicine, the man has a down-to-earth personality that has been characteristic of the Toles for centuries. “It was our family’s philosophy to pass down the knowledge and to never turn away a patient in need” he recalls.“We had to find a cure for the patient and money was always secondary.”

    Holding fast to these values, Leong has researched and innovated immensely over the last decade to transform the small family concern into a bustling medical facility that is often seen overflowing with patients from across the world. Having added new dimensions to alternative medicine, this 51 year old physician is known for his acupuncture and herbal cures for cancer and many diseases like it.

    Cancer Natural and Natural with Thetole

    A typical day in Leong’s life starts with a heart to heart with his plants. Yes, he grows herbs and plants that are to be used in the remedies under his own care and makes sure they are looked after. Leong explains this habit in a very sincere tone. “I tell the plants to become stronger and to be happy so that they can serve the patients better.”

    No doubt, the Chinese Master’s belief in the goodness of nature is exemplary and worthy of praise. So is the way he supports his patients emotionally. From the minute a cancer patient steps inside Leong’s office till the end of the course of treatment, the physician is there to support morally, physically and emotionally, hence catering to a patient in a holistic manner.

    Master Leong’s Neuro-acupuncture is derived from old Chinese healing systems. While he talks to the patient, his skillful and experienced fingers insert small needles inside the patient’s scalp in strategic points that increase the ‘chi’ flow between neurons of the brain. According to Leong, “The needles don’t hurt. The sensation is like an ant bite- some are small and some are big.”

    This procedure is done twice a day for a couple of months, to increase the immunity of the body and give it much needed strength to fight cancer invasion. Aided by the herbal concoctions, the recipes of which have remained a Tole Family secret for 145 years, Leong assures cancer patients to feel considerable changes in their health in a very short span of time.

    Hence, it isn’t any one element of Leong’s therapy in isolation that is award winning; it is the physician himself, his attitude towards alternative medicine and the striking combination of herbs and acupuncture that makes all the difference.

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