Finding a Cure for Liver Cancer

in Alternative Medicine

Turning to alternative medicine to find cures for life threatening diseases is often mocked. While modern medicine has managed to astound the world with research and development in the quest to treat many diseases that previously took hundreds of lives, a miracle here and a miracle there has always kept the essence of alternative medicine alive.

Herbal medicines do have a certain level of authenticity to them, hence discounting them is not correct, especially when herbalists like Leong Hong Tole walk the earth, showing mankind what alternative medicine is capable of. If you have always been dubious about the efficacy and the healing power of herbs and their extracts, read through this article till the end and rest assured; you will revise your opinion.

Leong Hong Tole’sTreatment For Liver Cancer

Humble by nature and quite privileged by lineage, Leong is the 4th generation offspring of the Tole Family- a name that is often mentioned in alternative medicine circles. With the family’s secret recipes for herbal medicines and his own interest in medical research and development, Leong has transformed the centuries old family business into a bustling medical center that caters to hundreds of patients on a daily basis.

This center, called The Tole, is known among patients as “The House Of Miracles”. Rightly so, with a unique combination of herbal concoctions and Neuro-Acupuncture, the center treats Liver Cancer patients on a daily basis. Having performed this Chinese healing procedure on his patients for a number of years, Leong is now an expert acupuncturist.

While a liver cancer patient lies down in an exam room, Leong is busy chatting with him to find out about his lifestyle and eating habits. Unknown to the patient, the 51 year old physician has started inserting small needles in his head. Leong says, “The needles don’t hurt. The sensation is like an ant bite- some are big and some are small.” Once inserted, the needles effect strategic points in the patient’s scalp, increasing the “chi” flow between neurons in the head.

“But it isn’t only about Acupuncture,” says Leong, “I also recommend herbs and advise my patients on lifestyle changes.” Inclusion of ancient herbs that are either imported from China or locally grown in Leong’s nursery, make cure ofcancer liver natural with Thetolemore easy and free from dangerous side effects.

The Physician Of The Year Award

This combination of Neuro-acupuncture and herbal concoctions is award winning. In 1992, representatives of the Neuro Acupuncture Institute in Beijing awarded Leong Tole the Physician of the Year Award. Impressed by the herbalist’s skill and dexterity while performing the procedure, the representatives were astounded to see how well Leong had learnt and added value to a simple acupuncture routine.

Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that even though he inherited this business from his ancestors, it is Leong’s constant research, experiments, clinical trials and alterations of the herbal ingredients that has made The Tole Medical Centre what it is today.