Liver Cancer Treatment According To Thetole Way

In a day and age when modern medicine has gone leaps and bounds in search of remedies for life threatening diseases, fighting liver cancer is still possible with alternative medicines. While one does wonder about the efficacy of alternative medicine as a treatment for such a dangerous disease, Dato' Master Tole, a Chinese physician can’t get enough of it.

Having cured thousands of patients suffering from early to advance liver cancer, Leong’s belief in herbs and their power to ward off ailments is enlightening. It is this same power that attracts patients from over 160 countries worldwide and has turned a once small herbal family business into a growing medical center that looks after hundreds of patients on a daily basis.

What is it about Dato' Master Tole and his medical center that makes liver cancer treatments so miraculous?

Dato' Master Tole’s Magic Touch To Cure Cancer

Cancer in the liver natural with Thetole is following a combination of treatments designed by Dato' Master Tole. The physician prescribes Liver Cancer cures such as herbal potions and Thetole’s Neuro-Acupuncture- a branch of acupuncture that increases the “chi” flow between neurons of the brain.

Because Dato' Master Tole prefers to mix and measure all herbs himself, every herbal concoction made for liver cancer is different, depending on the extent of the disease and the medical history of the patient. These concoctions have to be taken by patients several times a day because they increase brain power and its ability to coordinate with all the organs of the body.

Because of such powerful effects, the ingredients used in these potions have remained a secret in Thetole Family for the last 145 years. However, Leong shares his conviction in alternative medicine with the world by exhibiting profound care and concern for the herbs that he grows in his nursery. A part of his morning routine is the regular talks he has amongst the plants. He says, “I tell the plants to be stronger and happy so that they can serve the patients better.”

Together with this, Leong holds acupuncture sessions twice a day for liver cancer patients. During these sessions, while he inserts needles in their scalps, the Master tries to emotionally unravel his patients by showing care and concern. For him, curing a liver cancer patient is not just about acupuncture or herbs; it is about taking care of the outside to manipulate what is on the “inside.”

Similarly, the physician has a unique diagnostic routine that is characteristic of alternative medicine. Leong checks for color in the eyes, face and on the tongue. He observes a patient’s behavior to judge the extent of cancer penetration and also smells them. He says, “You can laugh but when a patient has a particular disease, they smell different.”

The best advice from Leong for Cancer patients? Staying calm, relaxed and always smiling. He tells every liver cancer patient to smile because in his words, “People don’t know thatsmiling in front of the mirror for 15 minutes thrice a day relaxes the liver and other organs of the body.”