Brain Tumors: A Treatment With the Tole

In a normal cycle in the human body, a cell will eventually grow old and die and be replaced by a new cell. However, in patients who have Brain tumors, instead of dying, the old cells begin to accumulate and eventually form a large mass of tissue, which is called a tumor. The two primary types of brain tumors are malignant i.e. cancerous, and benign. Benign tumors do not spread to other tissue, while cancerous tumors grow fast and spread very rapidly to the surrounding tissue.

Typical symptoms of malignant brain tumors include headaches, weakness and fatigue, difficulty in movement and walking and, in some cases, seizures. Brain tumors are notoriously difficult to diagnose, and some are not found until after death. Although modern medicine has developed treatments for brain tumors such as surgery (mostly for benign tumors), radiation therapy and chemotherapy, certain atypical techniques also exist.

Alternative medicine has long worked in the shadows of its conventionalcounterpart. One specific discipline of alternative medicine is nuero-acupuncture, which is a derivative of Chinese acupuncture. It involves the insertion of slender needles into certain parts of the body, in order to stimulate neuro-electric activity. While opponents of such methods have been quick to criticize their effectiveness, alternative medicine has aggregated a large and loyal group of patients and practitioners all around the world. One such practitioner is Dato' Master Tole.

Dato' Master Tole is a fourth generation neuro-acupuncturist and Chinese physician. His family has been using their own recipes in herbal remedies for over 145 years now, to treat generation of patients with diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and autism. This knowledge was passed down to Dato' Master Tolethrough his father and uncle, at a very young age, and remains a secret. He has been given the title of ‘Master’ by his patients, because of the skill he possesses in alternative treatments.

In 1992, Dato' Master Tole set up the Tole Acupuncture Herbal Medication Centre, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the Tole, Dato' Master Tole uses his family’s techniques in herbal medicine and Thetole’s neuro-acupuncture. According to ancient Chinese medicine, the insertion of needles improves the flow of ‘Qi’, or energy, through the body. Any impedance in the overall flow of Qi is what causes illnesses. The herbal medicine is normally taken as a drink, and is meant to heal and soothe the body.

Dato' Master Tole treats brain tumor natural with Thetole. After careful consultation with patients who have been diagnosed with brain tumors, he draws out tailored plans of herbal medicine and acupuncture. He also recommends lifestyle changes, to improve his patients general health. He says:

“Needles don’t really hurt. The sensation is like an ant bite — it’s either a big one or small one. But it’s not only about acupuncture, I also recommend herbs to complement the therapy and advise them on lifestyle changes.”

The Tole treatment normally takes between 1 and 6 months, and patients have to come back to Dato' Master Tole for acupuncture sessions. He is known for being extremely welcoming and friendly with his patients, and he likes to get very close to them, in order to better understand their problems. His skill and a long history of success are what draw people from all over the world, seeking his treatment at the Tole.

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