Is a Natural Treatment for Blood Cancer Available?

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Blood cancer is a devastating disease that affects the lives of thousands of people each year. Blood is produced in the bone marrow, and this is where blood cancers most often develop. Blood cancers can alter the function of blood cells. Bone marrow cells can develop into three different types of blood cells, red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets.Abnormal growth of blood cells impairs the production of normal cell growth, weakening the body and the immune system.

Types of Blood Cancer

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There are three different types of blood cancers. Leukemia is found in the bone marrow when there is a rapid increase in the production of white blood cells. These white blood cells cannot fight infections and are unable to keep the body safe from disease.

Lymphoma is another type of blood cancer. Lymphoma creates abnormal lymphocytes, which are supposed to fight infections. However, with lymphoma, these lymphocytes become lymphoma cells, which will continue to multiply at an abnormal rate. These lymphoma cells then create tumors in the lymph nodes, interrupting the lymphatic system’s job to remove excess fluids.

Myeloma is a blood cancer that targetsplasma cells, which are responsible for producing antibodies in your body used to fight disease. Similar to the other two blood cancers mentioned above, myeloma prevents the body from producing natural antibodies. This in turn impairs the immune system, weakening the body considerably and making it vulnerable to infections that it does not have the power to fight.

Chemical Treatments Don`t Work

Treating blood cancers is difficult as the circulatory system moves blood throughout the body. If the blood is infected in one region of the body, that infection can spread to the entire body in a very short period. Chemotherapy and radiation have been used in attempts to destroy the abnormal cells. However, as the body is already in a weakened state, most patients are not strong enough to undergo chemotherapy. Normal blood cells are also destroyed in chemotherapy, decreasing the blood count even more and blood transfusions are needed immediately.

There are many other side effects of chemotherapy, many of which the weakened immune system cannot take. The body is already at risk of infection due to its lack of infection fighting antibodies and white blood cells. Chemotherapy further depletes the strength of the immune system and body. Therefore, chemotherapy is not the ideal treatment method for blood cancers.

Bone marrow transplants are another option that many have availed. However, finding the perfect match for bone marrow can be difficult. The body must also accept the bone marrow. In some cases, the bone marrow transplant is rejected, putting the patient in further distress.

The Tole Institute Brings New Hope to Blood Cancer Patients

An alternative solution is available. At The Tole Neuro Acupuncture Treatment and Herbal Medicine, founder Master Leong Hong Tole has developed an array of natural remedies that can cure disease. People from all over the world come to visit Master Leong and find natural solutions to their problems that modern science has been unable to treat.

Nothing is too difficult for Master Leong to treat. He assesses the body and mind when he is assessing the patient. His encouraging words and calm approach have helped thousands of patients find peace and comfort at the Institute. Once the body is in a relaxed state, it is easier to heal. Blood cancer is no exception. Finding a treatment for blood cancer natural with Thetole starts with Master Leong.

Acupuncture also brings the stress levels of the body down and allows the body to realign itself once again. The natural medicines provided by Master Leong, a fourth generation acupuncturist and renowned physician, are prescribed to each patient, custom designed just for them. A cure for blood cancer natural with Thetole is possible.

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