Autism Children
Autism Children
Autism Children

The Best of Nature and Science for Autism

Perhaps the reason why modern medicine has failed to find a solution for autism is its neglect of natural remedies. While there is no given formula to make ‘ nature ’ a part of the treatment offered for autistic children, a certain level of natural goodness can be incorporated with the use of alternative medicine.

Just like contemporary medicine has a fair share of opponents and supporters, alternative medicine too has that. However, your belief in this field of science may just be renewed if you take a look at how a particular medical center in Malaysia works.

The Tole Medical Centre, founded by physician Dato' Master Tole, is a medical facility that specializes in herbal treatments for common and severe diseases alike. Alternative medicine is Dato' Master Tole’s forte ; a philosophy that drives the Tole Centre and attracts patients from more than 160 countries worldwide.

The Balance Between Acupuncture And Ancient Herbs

Even though many are in awe of the miraculous cures of life threatening ailments like cancer, autism and cerebral palsy, the essence behind every treatment offered at the center is quite simple. Leong uses a combination of herbs together with modern Thetole’s Neuro-Acupuncture to increase brain power and change the protocols of communication between neurons of the brain.

Before the physician starts his regular course of treatments, a preliminary medical exam is carried out. Medical reports are analyzed and Leong’s assistants check the patient’s pulse and heart rate to make intelligent conclusions. Just like everything else, Leong’s approach to a medical examination is unique. He explains it in the following words, “I also smell them. You can laugh but if a patient has a particular disease, they smell differently. I talk to the patients to find out their emotions because some of them don’t know how to smile!”

While the acupuncture treatments are carried on for at least 6 to 8 months, the herbal concoctions have to be continued for a longer period. Perhaps the biggest achievement of the center is the reliance on nature and many of its elements. For instance, Dato' Master Tole prefers to grow the herbs directly under his care in a nursery close to this lab. Not only this, he is often seen talking to the plants and telling them to be ‘strong.’

Leong believes in the power of emotional therapy and if it works on plants, it definitely makes a huge difference when applied to humans. For this reason, the physician has made emotional therapy an integral part of the cure for autism children natural with Thetole. He says, “It’s not only about acupuncture. I also recommend herbs to complete the therapy and advice on lifestyle changes.”

The herbal recipes to treat autism have remained a secret in the Tole family for decades; however, their efficacy has not. Known for miraculous healing, the Tole Centre is a safe haven for autistic children who find it hard to relate to the modern world.