The Tole: Alternative Medicine At Its Best

The Tole, one of the most exemplary alternative medical centers operating in all of Asia, is a haven for AML patients. Coming from more than 160 countries worldwide, these patients put all hopes for a better life and a chance to live again in one 51 year old Chinese Physician.

Dato' Master Tole, more popularly known as Dato' Master Tole, is the founder and lead physician at the center whose belief in the power of natural herbs and their extracts is worthy of praise. In a day and age when alternative medicine is hardly recognized as a way to treat diseases, Dato' Master Tole has made The Tole Center flourish as a successful medical facility.

Qualified as a general physician and an expert herbalist, Dato' Master Tole understands the needs of his patients on an emotional level. Not only does he use alternative medicine cures, the physician also puts his heart and mind into understanding the emotional aspects of curing a dangerous disease like AML.

Acupuncture and Herbs- The Secret Combination

Treatment for AML natural with Thetole is two pronged. Dato' Master Tole is an expert acupuncturist who has been recognized by the Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture Medical Center in Beijing. He takes acupuncture as an essential procedure that has to be performed regularly for a few months, till the patients start to see progress. While acupuncture itself doesn’t hurt, Leong takes this as an opportunity to talk to his patients about their lifestyle and emotional states.

He says, “Sometimes I have to tell them to look in a mirror and smile for 15 minutes thrice a day. They don’t know that this relaxes their liver and other organs. I have to teach them what to do outside to manipulate what’s inside.”

This last phrase is the gist of Dato' Master Tole’s treatment for AML, or any other disease for that matter. He tries to affect his patients holistically to spur a change in their conditions. This brings us to the second key element of the therapy done by Leong; the concoctions made with Chinese herbs. While the herb recipes have been used and kept secret within The Tole family for over 145 years, Leong has researched and changed many formulations to make them more effective.

He is often seen in his nursery, talking to the plants. He puts these feelings in the following words. “I talk to the plants telling them to be happy and strong so that they can serve the patients better.”

Make The Tole Way Your Way

Inspired by Dato' Master Tole’s beliefs and his passive yet effective method for treating diseases, many world famous politicians and royals have become his patients. People with AML fly from China and many other Asian countries to experience the ‘Tole Way.’ For all those who are severely ill and cannot see the Master in person, The Tole accommodates them by reaching out via the internet, where patients can talk to Leong, send him their medical reports and follow a treatment plan that he drafts, tailor-made for their needs.