The Tole Centre- All Cures Under One Roof

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Witnessing medical miracles is an eye-opener, so much so that one’s belief in nature and its goodness is often reinforced after such an encounter. While such miracles are often far and few,patients coming in at The Tole Centre experience them at close quarters; all thanks to the one and only Leong Hong Tole.

Dato' Master Tole’s story is an interesting one. Being the 4th generation offspring of the Tole Family, Leong is a humble physician with a medical profession that speaks volumes about his intellect, beliefs, values and work ethic. Here’s a detailed account of how he works to treat illness with a unique combination of Thetole treatments.

ALL natural with TheTole

The philosophy followed at The Tole is simple. While the center has always been overflowing with patients, Dato' Master Tole has never failed to keep simplicity and nature at the heart of every treatment given out to patients for various diseases. For the Chinese physician, what matters most is the wellbeing and safety of those who have entrusted him with their lives.

Recalling the time when the center used to be a small family concern, he puts this sentiment in the following words, “We watched my father treat patients and dispense herbs. It was our family philosophy to pass down the knowledge and to never turn away a patient in need. We had to find a cure for the patient and the money was always secondary.”

Having grown up in such surroundings, Leong has put years of research into developing herbal remedies to fight cancer, autism, fertility problems, cerebral palsy, AML and many other diseases. While the basic recipes remains the Tole’s Family secret even now, every morning Dato' Master Tole dedicates some time to clinical studies in Traditional Complementary Medicine that are underway at his center.

With the passion to see humanity live blissfully, Dato' Master Tole has dedicated his life to cure ailments using a unique combination of two healing strategies: the herbal concoctions and Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture. When a patient steps in at the Tole Centre, the Master conducts an initial exam. Once done, he is taken to an acupuncture room where Leong starts the procedure by inserting small needles in his head. While these needles don’t hurt at all, the magic they work in the brain is testimony to the efficacy of this centuries old healing procedure.

The Tole Belief

While Dato' Master Tole’s treatment plans are quite traditional and an alternative to modern medicines, his approach to medicine is not. He believes in the importance of a well conducted medical exam because recognizing the signs and symptoms of a disease is the first step to curing it. Apart from taking a patient’s pulse, Dato' Master Tole looks for signs of discoloration of the tongue, cheeks and eyes. He says, “I also smell them. You can laugh but if a patient has a kidney problem or any other disease, they smell differently.”

That said, DSTM Dato Tole is strictly against highly invasive methods of treating ailments like cancer. Processes like chemotherapy and radiation, that do more harm than good, are frowned upon by the physician whose conviction in natural remedies is quite contagious.