The Tole

The Tole Centre is a medical facility in Kuala Lumpur, which has been giving treatments in herbal medicine and acupuncture for a long time now. It is the practice of Dato' Master Tole, who is an expert neuro-acupuncturist and Chinese physician.


Dato' Master Tole is a fourth generation practitioner of herbal medicine and acupuncture, who acquired his knowledge and training from his father and uncle. The wisdom that he gained, was passed through his lineage down to him, and has remained his family’s secret for over a century now. He believes firmly in the power of his treatment and he set up the Tole Acupuncture Herbal Medication Centre in 1992.


Since then, The Tole has been successfully treating patients who come from over 160 different countries in search of Dato' Master Tole’s treatment, using complementary medicine.

Liver Cancer Cure with The Tole

Dato' Master Tole is recognized the world over. The beauty of his treatment lies in the fact that he has been able to successfully remedy diseases that would otherwise be classified as incurable. He uses a combination of Thetole’s neuro-acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat illnesses such as autism, Alzheimer’s Disease and liver cancer.


Liver cancer is one of the most distressing diseases presently affecting millions of people around the world. It is diagnosed when cancerous tissue begins to form in the liver, causing the organ to lose proper functioning. According to Dato' Master Tole, although you may be very cautious in what you eat and drink, toxic chemicals are ever present in our daily food. Only by eating organic food can the risk of liver cancer be minimised.


At The Tole, Dato' Master Tole treats liver cancer using his forefather’s wisdom.His methods have been proven to treat patients in the advanced stages. Individuals suffering from this devastating disease, and on whom conventional medical treatments have shown minimal results,are often eager to come to him. Others, do not have the means to pursue full medical care, also seek his treatment.


After careful assessment in which Dato' Master Tole determines the ‘Qi’ level of the liver, he prescribes a treatment program tailored specifically for the patient. He uses Thetole’s neuro-acupuncture, which is the practice of inserting needles into specific parts of the body to stimulate electrical activity in the nerves.


Dato' Master Tole also prescribes herbal medicine to soothe and heal the liver, allowing it to function normally again. The medicine will normally be taken twice daily for at least 30 days. Few patients will be fully treated within this time and an intensive treatment may be needed. Dato' Master Tole will draw out a complete plan which will include a lifestyle change, with a focus on dieting, mental stress alleviation techniques and how your family can support you. The entire treatment takes 1 to 6 months to complete.


For the convenience of his patients, Dato' Master Tole is also able to send his liver cancer herbal medication overseas, to those who urgently need it.