Natural Epilepsy Treatment with The Tole Way

Allopathic treatments are becoming increasingly effective but increasingly severe as well. The market is flooded with drugs that can treat one malady or another; however, they all come with a list of dangerous side effects that cause damage in the long run. This is the main reason why people are trying to find an alternative treatment for their illnesses that are less harmful to them.

The Tole Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is one place that offers an alternative. Dato' Master Tole, who is the fourth generation in natural healers to inherit the Centre, runs this place. His father and uncle, from an early age, schooled him in acupuncture and herbal medicine, which is why he knows his job well and people flock to him from around the world. Epilepsy is one of the diseases that the Master has been known to repress or even treatment in some rare cases.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disease of the brain, in which there are sporadic electrical discharges inside the brain. These discharges cause seizures that cause severe damage to the body and in some cases even death. Patients may suffer from multiple seizures a day, or a few random episodes in a month. The frequency depends on the scope of the disease, as does the treatment.

There are two main types of Epilepsy:

1. Focal Epilepsy: This is, as the name suggests, focused on one part of the brain. The electrical discharges will only occur in that part, and this is the more common of the two epilepsies. Diagnosing this epilepsy can be a little difficult because it initially displays the same symptoms as a migraine, and most people just treat it as such. It is only when a serious fit occurs that they go in for further testing. It is usually caused by a tumour, brain contamination or a brain injury of some sort.

2. Generalized Epilepsy: The difference here is that this can occur in any part of the brain at any time, making it slightly more dangerous. This type affects both sides of the brain, and it can cause one to fall, lose consciousness, or even experience extreme muscle spasms. This is usually genetic, thus it is less prevalent.

There are many subcategories within these two types, which determine the sort of treatment a patient will undergo at the Tole Centre. The Master and his associates conduct a complete physical examination before they proceed; this is to ensure that they diagnose the patient correctly.

Epilepsy Treatment with Thetole

Once you have been diagnosed, the Master will give you a set of instructions. There is a three-step treatment that every patient undergoes. The first step is herbal medicine and herbal juices. These are custom mixed for each patient, and are to be taken daily even after leaving the Centre. They help to heal your body to increase the effectiveness of the next step.

The second step is Thetole'sneuro-acupuncture. Nodes are attached to the brain in certain places and then tiny electric shocks are administered which stimulate the mind and normalize activity. The frequency of these sessions depends on the Master and his diagnosis.

The third step is therapy. This is behavioural therapy for the patients and their caregivers. At the Tole centre, the Master believes that one cannot be physically healed if they are mentally stressed. Thus the family and friends of the patients are encouraged to maintain a positive outlook around the patient. Patients are also encouraged to talk to one another so they can share their experiences and their burden.