Colorectal Cancer Treatment with TheTole Curative Techniques

As its name suggests, colorectal cancer occurs when malignant tumor cells multiply uncontrollably in the colon or rectum areas of the large intestine and sometimes, in the appendix area. Other common names for the same cancer are colon cancer, rectal cancer or bowel cancer. Typically the symptoms include changed bowel habits, loss of weight,blood in stool, rectal bleeding and feelings of weakness.

Prevalence and Risk Factors

Colorectal Cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world and its prevalence is higher in developed countries as compared to developing ones. Unhealthy lifestyles, which include smoking, drinking alcohol and less physical exercise, along with increasing age, are the top characteristics attributed as risk factors for colorectal cancer.

Treatment methods

If the colorectal cancer is in its earlier stages, surgical removal of the cancerous tumor is advised by doctors. However, if the cancer has metastasized chemotherapy and/or radiation are used. Treatment suggestions also depend on the person’s age, health, and medical history besides taking into account such factors as the location, size and spreading of the tumor. If the cancer is past treated or in its last stages, doctors often use palliative measures targeted at changing a person’s lifestyle habits, as well as including pain medication and small surgeries to extend their life period.

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The Tole Curative Techniques

The curative techniques used by The Tole Medical Center for the treatment of cancer have recently come into the limelight and its success stories have left medical researchers astounded. Hailing from a family of acupuncture and herbal medicine specialists, Dato' Master Tole is the chief medical expert at the center and claims that the herbal knowledge he uses has been passed down in the family for four generations. He has also acquired immense fame and recognition as a specialist in acupuncture treatment, receiving an Honorable Merit Award by a subsidiary organization of the Chinese Acupuncture Association, for his achievements in acupunctural treatment.

Colorectal cancer treatment with TheTole involves a prescription of herbal formulas and juices along with guidance for the patients on how to change their lifestyle and adopt healthy dietary habits. Moreover, The Tole treatment urges patients to make exercise and meditation a part of their daily life. Considering that lack of physical exercise can be a risk factor in colorectal cancer, the suggestion can be valuable in treating and even preventing further spreading of the cancer.

The herbal remedies prescribed by The Tole Medical Center are specially formulated according to each patient’s need, considering their age and medical requirements. These curative formulas are made using the best quality herbs, grown in The Tole Center’s own herbal garden.

The herbal medicine expert at The Tole Center, Dstm Dato Tole appears to have an in depth knowledge of Chinese and Malaysian herbs that have been utilized by people over centuries for their healing properties. Colorectal Cancer treatment with the Tole sounds like a promising option and more so for patients wanting to avoid the dubious benefits of chemotherapy and radiation. Patients can order the herbal treatments online by visiting the Tole Medical Center’s website at