Colon Cancer Cure with The Tole

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Colon cancer cure with Thetole is a combination of two Chinese remedies prepared and performed by the 51 year old Dato' Master Tole, the founder and head physician at The Tole Centre. Grown from a small family clinic to an entire medical complex, The Tole Centre’s herbal treatments have been recognized as effective solutions to various diseases and ailments.

Flying in from 160 countries, Dato' Master Tole’s patients look forward to seeing magic at the hands of the humble physician. Instead, what they see leaves them more astounded than any magic trick can.

Herbal Medication with Dato' Master Tole

The Tole Centre prides itself for the research and development Dato' Master Tole has put into herbal treatments that are otherwise often considered conventional and rather useless by people. However, the secret ingredients in Leong’s recipes are anything but useless. From curing the worst of diseases to preventing the onset of some of the most common conditions like colds and upset stomach, herbal medication prepared at The Tole is surely the best way to stay fit and healthy.

For a colon cancer patient, these medicines are taken as a potion, thrice a day for a period of time strictly prescribed by the physician. Adhering staunchly to his treatment is perhaps the only commitment that Dato' Master Tole needs from his patients to promise them a better life ahead.

Leong is particular about the herbs used for his medicines. He either grows them personally in his nursery or imports them from China. Either way, the herbal recipes have been a secret in his family for more than a decade and continue to be so till today.

Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture with Dato' Master Tole

If you thought herbal medication was all that the wise Chinese Master had up his sleeves, you are mistaken. This 51 year old physician is an expert acupuncturist who has received the Physician of The Year Award for his acupuncture skill and dexterity.

Once a colon cancer patient has been checked by Leong and his assistants, the patient is taken to an acupuncture room. While Leong engages the patient in a conversation about his lifestyle and profession, which is part of his emotionally therapy approach to curing colon cancer, he himself gets busy inserting small needles into the patient’s scalp.

He says, “The needles don’t hurt. The sensation is like an ant bite - some are big and some are small.” During this process, as the patient unravels emotionally, Leong feels half the work is done because emotions are a huge part of the recovery process. Hence, if they are looked after well enough, the body and mind are set on the road of recovery.

While the efficacy of acupuncture has always been unquestioned in most orthodox circles, its widespread use never really made it to modern mainstream medicine. Thus, it is the power of Leong’s beliefs and strong conviction in this process that have made it a miracle treatment for diseases like colon cancer that only progress with age and time.

For a mere RM35, Dato' Master Tole performs acupuncture sessions for thousands of patients who are in awe of his gentle and thoughtful touch.