Cerebral Palsy Treatment with TheTole

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Cerebral Palsy is a disease that attacks the brain and nervous system. It has many forms and encompasses a number of neurological symptoms, making it a very dangerous and hard to diagnose disease. Cerebral Palsy is self-explanatory because cerebral is the area in the brain that is compromised and palsy refers to muscle paralysis.

The disease causes paralysis, seizures and loss of sensation in the body. The patients that suffer from this disease are usually born with it, which is why there is a higher percentage of patients that are children. The best way to combat the disease is an early diagnosis.

Signs to Lookout for

Children cannot be diagnosed until they are at least 2-3 years old, because they do not display definitive symptoms before that. Here are some warning signs to look out for.

  1. Very late to crawl, walk or speak.
  2. Slouches while sitting. His/her muscles and body will not function and appear the way that normal babies’ do.
  3. Does not eat or drink milk properly.
  4. Prefers one side of his/her body to another.
  5. Involuntary muscle reactions and seizures.
  6. Lack of balance while walking or crawling.

Some of these signs may seem a bit general, which is why children cannot be diagnosed effectively at an early age. It is only after 18 months that a child should be able to crawl/walk/speak, making it easier for physicians to tell if there is a problem. However, a concrete diagnosis takes place after the age of 5, which determines the type of cerebral palsy the patient will have and what treatment needs to be administered.

Cerebral Plasy Treatment with Thetole

Allopathic treatments for this disease are varied. Treatment usually means strong medication along with physical, speech, language, education and occupational therapists. There will also be a general physician and a list of other doctors that will try and make the child’s life as normal as possible.

The Tole treatment is a little different. The Master (who is the owner and head physician) will rely onThetole's acupuncture, both neurological and otherwise, along with herbal medicines to treatthe patient. This is a natural alternative to allopathic treatments, and has recently gained a lot of attention around the globe. The treatment takes place at the Tole Centre, which is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The master, who is the fourth generation in his family to learn the art, conducts a full physical examination before he proceeds with the treatment.

Once the stage and type of cerebral palsy is determined, a batch of herbal medicines is individually mixed for each patient according to his/her needs. The patient is then required to undergo some lifestyle changes. Firstly, herbal juices and powders are to be ingested regularly through out the day. Secondly foods that are beneficial to the patient are added to the diet, and those that are not are removed. Thirdly, Thetole'sacupuncture is administered to help the body with physiological changes.

There is no definitive time period for this course of treatment. Since natural remedies are not as severe as conventional drugs, they need to be taken for a longer period. Depending on the seriousness of the patient’s condition, the Master keeps the patient at the centre until the Thetole'sacupuncture is complete and they are in a state that allows them to travel comfortably. Numerous people have improved their quality of life with this treatment; however, a complete curie for the disease is not a guarantee.

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