Cerebral Palsy and Alternative Medicine’s Miracle

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Among the many brain damaging conditions a newborn child may go through, Cerebral Palsy is perhaps the worst one. This condition comes about as a result of a low oxygen supply during childbirth when the baby is in the birth canal for longer than normal.

Because of lack of oxygen, the delicate brain of the unborn child is severely affected and once he is born, the irreversible damage done contributes to reduced motor skills. A child suffering from Cerebral Palsy has abnormal muscle tone, delayed reflexes and slow development of the very basic acts like walking, crawling and even recognizing toys and other objects in the surrounding.

Despite years of research and development, unfortunately, there are no known cures for Cerebral Palsy in modern medicine; however, one herbalist refuses to accept this conclusion.

Finding a Cure with The Tole Medication

Dato' Master Tole, founder and lead physician at The Tole Centre is an acclaimed herbalist whose belief and conviction in the power of Chinese herbal cures is surprising. Leong makes sure he grows (yes, he has an indoor nursery to grow herbs) and mixes these herbs himself, striking the right combination between many ingredients that have been part of his family’s secret for the last decade and a half.

Cerebral Palsy cure with The Tole is a combination of these herbs and Thetole’s Neuro-Acupuncture, a 5000 year old Chinese healing system for all kinds of illnesses and conditions. While talking to children, the physician is seen inserting needles in a child’s scalp with extreme caution and skill. He says, “Needles don’t hurt. The sensation is like an ant bit, some are big and some are small.”

Dato' Master Tole explains this combination by saying that using needles to treat Cerebral Palsy is a must since acupuncture increases the ‘chi’ flow between neurons in the brain; consequently, helping improve communication, reflexes and muscle reactions in a child.

What is more intriguing is the fact that Dato' Master Tole doesn’t perform these treatments merely hoping for a result. He does so with complete satisfaction and conviction. Thousands of patients all across the world bear witness to the miraculous way this Chinese physician makes nature and technology meet.

Perhaps another strong point of the Tole Centre’s Cerebral Palsy treatment is the emotional support and therapy offered by Leong. The physician strongly asserts that every treatement has an emotional side, which should be addressed as much as the other aspects of healing. Therefore, seldom will you see Dato' Master Tole execute an acupuncture session without indulging in gleeful conversations and activities with CP patients.

Is The Tole Way Your Way?

Apart from all the herbal potions and state-of-the-art acupuncture treatments, Cerebral Palsy patients are personally checked and examined by Leong and his assistants. From taking their pulse and heart-rate to conducting a thorough analysis of their medical histories and any past complications, Master Tole’s treatment may be traditional and old school but his approach to perfection is certainly not.