Why Should You Opt for TheTole?

The Tole treatment has raised many eyebrows, but its popularity in recent times stands unquestioned. The Tole treatment follows the principles of TCM, which stands for Traditional Complementary Medicine. It uses various non-scientific techniques to find treatments for several life threatening diseases and, at times, excels where modern science falters. The most significant reason to opt for the Tole treatment is to do away with the side effects caused by modern procedures.

The Tole Medical Center

The Tole Medical Center was founded and established in 1992 by a 51 year old acupuncturist and physician, Dato’ Master Tole. He uses techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and a combination of emotional and psychological therapies. Dato' Master Tole belongs to a long line of medical practitioners; it is almost as if “medicine runs in the family”.

“As children, my siblings and I used to fight using ginseng branches. We watched my father dispense herbs and treat patients. It was our family policy to pass down the knowledge and never to turn away a patient in need. We had to find a cure for the patient and the money was always secondary.”

Carcinoma treatment with TheTole

Carcinoma is the scientific term for the most common type of cancer that forms in the human body. This form of cancer normally generates in the tissues of the body and can spread to the inner and outer walls of various organs. Carcinoma treatment with the Tole medication involves a combination of Thetole’sNeuro-acupuncture, herbal medication and emotional therapy.

Dato’ Master Toleis known for treating an array of diseases via Thetole’s Neuro-acupuncture. As technical as the name sounds, Thetole’s Neuro-acupuncture is a simplistic process whereby needles are inserted into focal points on the head. This regulates the flow of blood and ensures that a stable pressure of blood is circulated to all organs of the body.

“I leave the needles in for 30 minutes. With children, they run around, but with adults, they have to lie down. Needles don’t really hurt. The sensation is like an ant bite- it’s either a big one or a small one. But it’s not only about acupuncture. I also recommend herbs to complement the therapy and advise them on lifestyle changes.”

Herbal medication is another one of Dato’ Master Tolefortes and the recipe is a family secret which has been passed down from generation to generation. Dato' Master Tole spends countless hours in the nursery where he grows the herbs, although they are initially imported from China.

“I tell the plants to become stronger and happy so they can serve the patients better.”

Therefore, Carcinoma treatment with The Tole herbs can at times, prove to be more effective than standard modern techniques like chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy. A cancer patient, above all things, is in dire need of emotional and mental stability. The Tole medication provides a well roundedand 360 degree therapy, so do not let critiques of alternate medicine get in the way of trying the traditional way of medication.

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