The American Cancer Society’s recent statistics showed that around 159,390 people die from lung cancer each year. Though majority of these deaths were caused due to excessive smoking, not all patients were smokers. The deadly disease has many patients from around the world in search of the best treatments that can help eradicate the disease from the root. The use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy has helped some people but has not proven to be effective for all.

The Symptoms of Lung Cancer and Treatment with Thetole

Lung cancer is the hardest of cancers to treat and therefore patients resort to desperate measures in order to fight the disease. Patients suffering from lung cancer would often experience a chronic cough that fails to get better.They may sometimes find it difficult to breathe and would feel excessive tiredness. A sharp pain in the chest would also be a symptom that is considered threatening. Weight loss or a weakened appetite could also contribute to further difficulties in the cancer.

It is often too late to treat lung cancer once it has been diagnosed. However thetole treatment has always helped in proving that wrong.In the case of coughing blood, known to be of the most significant symptoms, patients can turn to thetole treatment, which could help them fully recover over aduration of 3 months.

Not all patients can recover from the use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and patients need more reliable treatments that they can turn to. Thetole treatment proves to be very effective.

Treating Lung Cancer with Thetole Treatment

Originating from around 5000 years ago, thetole treatment has proven to be very effective in the treatment of lung cancer. The method of using herbs as effective medicines alongside acupuncture techniques has helped to treat countless patients around the world.Patients suffering from the disease not only found the treatment to be helpful but also less painful. The Chinese Master and his amazing way of treating lung cancer showed positive results.

Lung cancer patients need as much as 6 weeks or more for a complete recovery. The treatment consists of healing the disease through acupuncture and herbal medicines alongside taking some precautionary measures. These precautionary measures are suggested by the practitioners themselves and prove to be helpful, provided that patients followed them correctly.

Smokers would be encouraged to stop smoking right away. They not only restrict the healing process but rapidly kill themselves internally. Since 80-90% of lung cancer is caused due to smoking, the use of tobacco would need to beeliminated from one’s life completely.

Teaching them what to do on the outside to help manipulate what is on the inside has been a great way for patients to feel better about themselves. Thetole patients are often told to look in to the mirror and smile for 15 minutes, three times a day on a regular basis. This would help their organs function better and would help them keep at bay from depression.

With such a positive and friendly attitude, the process of treating lung cancer could not have been better. Lung cancer treatment and treatment with thetole herbs is widely used by cancer patients and is effectively helping eradicate the deadly illness from their bodies.