Cancer Remedies with The Tole: What TheTole can do for Cancer Patients

Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, claiming more than 7 million lives every year. Some of the more common types of cancers leading to death include breast cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the liver and colon cancer. Cancer usually consists of an uncontrolled growth and division of cells, and can occur in many parts of the body.

Although cancer cannot be said to have one foolproof “cure”, there are many types of treatments available. One common type of treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a treatment in which, through the use of cytotoxic and anti-neoplastic drugs, rapidly dividing cells in the body are killed. Another form of treatment is radiotherapy, in which ionizing radiation is used to kill cancer cells.

The Tole way of Cancer Treatment

The Tole way of cancer treatment is quite different from treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Not only do The Tole’s cancer remedies avoid the harmful and unpleasant side-effects of processes such as chemotherapy, The Tole’s cancer treatment is also more effective in the long as well as short run. Before having a closer look at The Tole’s cancer remedies, it would be helpful to first have a look at the rich history and experience that is behind the success of The Tole’s cancer treatment.

What is The Tole?

The Tole Acupuncture-Herbal Medical Centre specializes in herbal and acupuncture treatment. With its head office in Kuala Lumpur, it is widely recognized by both patients and by experts as a leading center of acupuncture herbal treatment in Southeast Asia. The Tole also has an international reach, with patients from more than 160 countries coming to benefit from The Tole’s remedies.

The Tole has a long and rich history of research and treatment using herbal medicine and acupuncture. Dato’ Master Tole’s family has practiced herbal and acupuncture treatment for 4 generations now, and has a history of more than 140 years of research and innovation in the field.

Dato’ Master Tole himself was presented with an award by the Suzhou Acupuncture Institute and Association in recognition of Dato’ Master Tole’s status as a “world class physician”.

Cancer Remedies and Remedies with Thetole

The Tole provides treatment for a wide range of cancers. Some examples include Leukemia, brain cancer, cervical cancer and liver cancer. Herbal pills or juices are used in conjunction with The Tole’s Neuro Acupuncture to treat most cancers. Acupuncture is a proven method of treating cancer, with studies showing that it helps in recovering from the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Not only does The Tole’s Neuro Acupuncture provide relief from the harmful and painful side-effects of chemotherapy, it also helps treat cancer in the long run without the use of conventional methods such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The Tole’s Neuro Acupuncture involves the use of fine needles which are inserted into the scalp to activate certain regions in the body which help to fight the relevant disease. Apart from neuro acupuncture, herbal pills or juices are also used, and cancer patients are usually instructed to take them two to four times a day, depending on the individual circumstances of the case.

Cancer remedies with The Tole, therefore, comprise a comprehensive and extensive program of herbal and acupuncture treatment, which ensures that while the cancer is treated with the utmost care and efficiency, no harmful side-effects are felt.

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