The Tole Center’s Natural Alternative Treatments for Brain Tumors

Oncology has become one of the most highly funded branches of the medical community worldwide. The incidences of cancer have increased tenfold in the last few decades, resulting in a surplus of patients. This surplus has led to a massive increase in cancer treatment centres as well, with supply and demand striving to find a balance somewhere.

Oncology research is resulting in new and improved ways to counter cancer every day; however, there are still no alternatives in allopathic hospitals to chemo or radiation therapy, especially for people that are in the later stages. Due to the expense and the physical toll that these treatments take on the patient, people are now returning to their roots and seeking out natural treatments for their diseases.

The Tole Acupuncture and Herbal Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur, is one such place that offers an alternative. The ‘Tole Method’ involves herbal blends that are custom made for each patient according to his/her requirements, which are then ingested, applied to the skin, or both. Along with the medicine, herbal powders are provided that can be added to water or juices, which need to be consumed regularly throughout the day.

For patients that are in more extreme stages, intensive acupuncture is used to attempt to suppress their tumors. One famous treatment that is frequently sought out is Brain Cancer healing. Brain cancer is exceptionally dangerous because the brain controls all of our vital functions. It is our motherboard, thus a contamination can lead to impairments in speech, movement, judgements, memory, vision and hearing, amongst others.

There are two types of brain tumors. Primary tumors form in the brain, re-occurring within the brain itself, but not travelling to other parts of the body. Secondary Tumors occur when there is a cancerous mutation in a different part of the body, which then travels and causes a tumor to develop in the brain. The most likely organs to cause secondary brain tumors are lung, kidney, mouth and breast.

Brain Tumor Cure with The Tole

The cancer can develop at any point; however, it is more likely in children under the age of 8 and adults over the age of 50. The Tole Centre has been known to treat both benign and malignant brain cancer, under the watchful eye of Dato' Master Tole. Master Tole is a fourth generation Chinese medicine man, who is both a trained physician, and an herbal expert.

At the centre, benign tumors are usually eradicated using herbal medicine alone, mainly because these are not cancerous and are more susceptible to the treatment. Malignant tumors are a little harder to deal with, because depending on your stage, they can be very delicate and stubborn.

Rigorous acupuncture sessions are scheduled for patients with malignant tumors, especially in the later stages, requiring them to go to the centre for months at a time. Along with the above treatments, patients are asked to adjust their diet to a more organic version.

The Master counsels patients and their friends and family through emotion and play therapy. He believes that no disease can be fought if the patient is not in a positive and receptive mental state. Friends and family are told to avoid any negative conversations or emotional breakdowns around the patient, to increase their chances of responding to the treatment.