Blood Cancer Treatment : Which Way to Go?

What is Blood Cancer?

Amongst the many types of cancer, blood cancer is known to be the one which can have simultaneous impact on all organs of the body. Blood cancer allows the formation of various cancer-causing cells to seep through the blood circulation system and hamper the smooth flow of blood to all body parts. Furthermore, blood cancer can have three major types: Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma.

Why Opt for The Tole Treatment?

As opposed to modern medicine, the Tole treatment focuses on using TCM (Traditional Complementary Medicine) to find a treatment for many life-threatening diseases. The choice of opting for one of the two methods is quite significant, but one that requires a tremendous amount of brainstorming and research.

The most common treatments used by the majority of patients is chemo and radiotherapy, or in extreme situations stem cells and bone marrow transplantation. In order to avoid undergoing such tedious procedures, The Tole treatment is the best alternative.

Components of The Tole Treatment

The renowned Leong Hong Tole is reputed to be the mastermind behind such traditional means of medicine. Master Tole prescribes herbal medication as opposed to western remedies. For blood cancer cure with Thetole, herbs such as 'Garcinia Mangostana' and 'Xanothenes' are used, which are known to possess growth stimulation capabilities. These two herbs are specifically useful for treating Leukemia and have zero or minimal side-effects. They are processed from their raw form to drinkable potions, which are to be consumed on a daily basis, sometimes even multiple times during the day. This depends on the severity and stage of the cancer and the prescription of the physician.

Leong's herbal antidotes are a family secret which have been passed down from his ancestors. With the discovery of new diseases, medical science has witnessed radical changes over time. Therefore, Leong spends hours in his laboratory, experimenting new and improved ways to refine formulas.

Acupuncture is another means of an alternative treatment for blood cancer. Focusing needles at specific areas of the body allows for blood purification as well as proper circulation throughout the body. The Tole methodology also offers a plethora of "lifestyle-changing" treatments. In order to minimize the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, an abundant amount of fresh air and regular exercise is a must.

Keeping this in mind, Dato' Master Tole recommends specific exercises, which help blood cancer patients regulate blood flow, to enable accurate bodily functions.

"I also smell them. You can laugh but if a patient has kidney problems, they smell different. I talk to patients to find out their emotions because some of them don' t know how to smile!"

Master Tole offers way more than just a prescription. He and his entire team displays care and affection towards patients. He believes that if a person is positive and happy, this indirectly affects the way his internal organs like the heart and liver function. Such a level of consideration is what blood cancer patients require to fight their ailments. The Tole treatment's focus on spiritual rejuvenation to treat diseases is an aspect of medicine which is rarely found these days.