Natural Bladder Cancer Treatment with TheTole Master

All cancers have one thing in common and that is that they affect the cells in a person’s body. The cells are the human body’s building blocks and without their proper growth, death and removal from the body, we start to deplete on the inside.

Cancer encourages our cells to behave abnormally, which results in them not completing their proper cycle and remaining in the body instead of dying and allowing new healthy cells to form. These abnormal cells turn into cancer tumours that can either be malignant (harmful) or benign (not harmful).

Bladder Cancer Treatment with TheTole

The Tole treatment for cancers is a natural alternative to allopathic treatments that involve hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation. Dato Master Tole, who has inherited this family business from his father and uncle, runs TheTole Centre. He was schooled in the art of acupuncture and herbal medicine mixing from a very young age, making him highly qualified in both.

The Dato Master has dealt with many benign and malignant tumours. Benign tumours are easy to cure, with the treatment lasting just a few weeks. Malignant tumours are a different story. The patient is first asked to come to the centre while the Dato master and his assistants conduct a complete physical examination. After they have determined the disease and how far it has progressed, they create a treatment plan for the patient. Each patient’s medicines are custom made according to his/her physical needs.

Secondly the Dato Master decides if you need acupuncture or not. The Tole’sneuro-acupuncture is conducted using nodes that are attached to the patient’s head and body and specific places. Then small doses of electrical charges are passed through the body to bring about physiological changes in the body. This helps to reduce the size of the tumour and contain the cancer.

Non-Medical Treatments

The patients and their caregivers undergo emotional therapy. This therapy involves teaching both parties to cope with the disease. The caregivers are told that they need to control their emotional responses around the patient, encouraging them to behave as normally and cheerfully as possible. The Dato Master believes that the more normally you behave, the less stressed out the patient feels. Stress is a huge factor that contributes to increase in cancer, so a positive mind-set is always encouraged.

Other than that, the patients are told that they need to get involved in group therapy. This can mean finding a cancer survivors group near you, talking to your friends or conversing with your loved ones about how you are feeling and what you need to feel better. Patients that have a positive mental outlook have been known to respond better to treatment, which is why the Dato Master stresses on this so much.

Besides behavioural therapy, the patients’ diet is also changed. They are made a list of foods that are beneficial to them, and also ones that are not, so that their daily intake is altered. Eating the right foods helps to provide the proper nutrition to heal the body. Bladder Cancer is a very common and draining disease among men, and most patients experience rapid weight loss. As a result they need to work twice as hard to return those minerals and vitamins to their bodies.

Bladder Cancer treatment with The Tole master is not always a 100% successful. This is because not all patients are at the same stage, and the more of a hold the disease has taken on the body, the lower the chances of recovery. Thus, always have regular cancer tests to ensure that you catch this disease early.