A Cure for Bladder Cancer at The Tole

No one can deny that the technological advancement the world has experienced in recent times has had a largely positive impact on our lives. However, it is hard to miss the adverse effects of climatic change and globalization on human health; from minor colds to more aggressive diseases such as cancer, affecting one person every two minutes in the UK. While a lot can be attributed to the lifestyle many lead today, others maintain a strong belief in nature in its rawest form and its ability to aid humans.

One such individual is the founder of The Tole Acupuncture Herbal Medication Centre, Dato' Master Tole. Widely known as the 'Master', Tole is the successor of a long line of Chinese medical practitioners that specialized in Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture and herbal medicine as an alternative method of treatment for several life threatening illnesses. The Master has successfully carried on the family tradition through The Tole Medical Center, using old recipes passed down from his predecessors, known to be effective in treating generations of patients.

Over the 145-year period of its existence, the success of The Tole Medical Center is undeniable. Using a mixture of special herbal medication and acupuncture, the Master has had remarkable success in treating relatively incurable diseases. For this reason, the Medical Center is widely recognized and visited by patients from over 160 countries worldwide.

Bladder cancer is the seventh most common type of cancer in the UK. Once found to be malignant, the cancer can reach the lymph nodes and begin to infect other organs in the body, making it even more difficult to eradicate. It not only affects an individual biologically, but also has a serious impact on their emotional wellbeing.


Bladder Cancer cure with The Tole

Several patients from all over the world suffering from this disease, look towards Dato' Master Tole as their saviour. Using a mixture of therapy, dieting and organic ingredients to treat this deadly disease, he is able to reverse the disease, even from its last stages.

A common practice used by him at The Tole is Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture, a process by which needles are inserted into the body of the patient to stimulate neuro activity. Furthermore, he uses his family's secret herbal medication to treat bladder cancer alongside the acupuncture. He claims that both methods rejuvenate the body's internal conditions and restore the Qi systems of the organs. Patient accounts and a 145-year long history of success are testimony to the success of these treatments, in providing a treatment for patients suffering from all stages of the bladder cancer.

Leong is known, not only for the quality of his medication, but also for the personal connection he makes with his patients. Along with treating them through medicine, he also provides them with diet tips and emotional therapy. He says, 'I talk to the patients to find out their emotions because some of them don't know how to smile!'

The Master suggests that people who have the disease know more about its internal working than doctors or physicians and so, talking to them directly will give the practitioner further insight into where the problem lies. This in depth understanding of the patient's needs, has proven to be extremely successful for several years and has made people from around the world seek his treatment and visit The Tole Medical Center.