Treatment of Autism Spectrum (Tole Method)

Dato' Master Tole is fast becoming the go-to man for patients with a range of diseases and disorders that cannot be treated by Western medicine. The practice of Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture is quickly becoming a popular substitute for these cases. He is a Chinese physician with training in traditional complementary medicine (TCM). His familyís special herbal formulae have remained a trade secret for four generations. Parents from around the world have ordered alternative medicines from his center in Malaysia and come in for autism treatment with The Tole for their children.

1 in every 88 children can be born with any one of the broad spectrum of autism disorders ranging from Aspergerís to Autistic Disorder.These children are behind in mental development. They need extra care and help from parents. Whereas there is no drug on the mainstream market that offers a solution for parents with such a child, Master Tole and his team can actually come up with a range of herbal medicines for each case. Moreover, he has trained other physicians in the science of TCM so that together they can treat every patient that comes to them.

Sessions of Thetole'sNeuro Acupuncture involve needles inserted in the scalp at specific points identified as pressure points. A few weeks of sessionshave guaranteed results, though some parents report an immediate change in their child. Multiple sittings in one day can also be conducted and provide an excellent, immediate and noticeable change. Parents report that their autistic child experiences relief from the symptoms after The Tole treatment. The most frequent and common effect is that there is an improvement in the motor skills of the child. The customized herbal medicine is not only natural but also has little to no side-effects,with high efficacy.

The failure of Western medicine in regards to a treatment for autism is leading many parents to seek out autism treatment with Thetole. The services of Dato' Master Tole and his team of TCM experts is based in the Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. They work daily to improve the quality of life not only for the child under care, but also the family. Their main health philosophy is that there should always be a balance of the energies in the body. They offer a holistic approach with a combination of procedure, medicine and positive lifestyle changes.

The eleven year old sister of an autistic child said that special children do have feelings and do understand things but their brain is stuck far behind their age. It is hard for them to learn, but if you treat them well they can learn. This is the same ideathat the autism treatment of Master Tole is based on. It is easy to get depressed when sometimes, even during the treatment, the child seems to revert to old habits and actions. However, Dstm Dato Tole explains to the family that the childís behavior is not under their control and a negative attitude will only make the situation worse.


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