The Art of Chinese Medicine at The Tole Centre

It may look like a bank at first, or maybe a corporate office. But as you see a 51 year old physician in a white lab coat, taking rounds in the lobby, checking on the kids and teens loitering there, you’ll reconsider. The Tole Centre in Malaysia, founded and run by Dato' Master Tole, is a safe haven for Autistic Teens who are usually seen as outcasts by modern society.

Affectionately known as the ‘House of Miracles’, The Tole Centre specializes in herbal treatments for many diseases and ailments that often leave modern medicine astounded and clueless. At the sound of herbs, many people express severe doubt and skepticism, even though the use of alternative medicine is widespread in many cultures. For Leong and his family in particular, herbs and their extracts are the best treatment for autism in teens who have lived all through childhood years with this crippling condition.

The Tole Combination

Leong uses a special combination of Herbs + Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture to change the state of the body and make it more conducive to recovery from long-term autism. These herbs are imported from China and the recipe for every concoction has been a Tole family secret for more than 145 years. The Master himself mixes various spices and plant species in a perfect blend, which increases brain power and enhances communication and reaction between body parts.

To compliment these medicines, autism teens cure with The Tole is the way of medication by several acupuncture sessions. Before every session, Leong observes the patient's behavior, checks the color of his eyes and even asks him to stick out his tongue. He says, “I also smell them. You can laugh but if a patient has a certain problem, they smell differently.” With these basic questions, the physician is able to make judgments about the status of Autism and the best way to treat it.

Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture is performed on autistic teens for up to 6 months with repeated treatments as and when needed. The Tole center has been set up particularly for autistic patients, keeping in mind their hyperactive and ‘lost in their world’ nature. Thus, you will see a lot of space in the lobby for such teens and kids to run around, a distraction that Leong uses to insert acupuncture needles painlessly in their scalps.

Paying a Visit to The Tole Centre?

The best way to experience Dato' Master Tole’s therapeutic treatments is in person. With face to face interaction, the physician will be able to treat Autism and other diseases in a much better and individualized manner.

However, if flying your autistic teenager to the centre is not an option, Dato' Master Tole also extends a helping hand to patients all across the world via telephone and virtual conversations. Once you get in touch with the representatives at the centre, you will be asked to send in the medical reports of your teen’s autistic condition.

After a thorough analysis, appropriate herbal medicines will be posted to you no matter where you are located.

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