A Miraculous Cure for Autism

It isnít everyday that one hears about herbal medication miraculously curing autism in a child who could barely make eye contact with his mother. A dangerous disease, autism plagues many children right from birth and vies to reduce their life to nothing but a mere show of anger, aggression and displaced joy.

While herbal medicine, also known as Alternative Medicine, has been the subject of study in medical circles for many years, Dato' Master Toleís herbal treatment for Autism is definitely groundbreaking and unmatched by any previous attempts.

Not many know of this 51 year old physician who works magic with the plants and shrubshe personally grows in his nursery. Nor do people understand what the big deal is about drinking potions made out of plant extracts. However, it would be interesting to delve further into the Masterís treatment of this life wrecking disease that has left modern medicine in awe of herbal powers.

What Exactly Does Dato' Master Tole Do?

A closer look at how Dato' Master Tole uses the power of nature can leave you astounded. The physicianís belief in nature and its goodness is what drives the Tole Centre, a Medical Center founded by Dato' Master Tole, which is run by many physicians and herbalists, all of whom have been trained and taught by Leong himself.

But what is it that this Chinese Master does that no other doctor has been able to do? What is it that makes his treatment the best remedy for autism? The answer to these questions isnít as easy as one would hope for. From the care and concern he shows to his patients to the respect he extends to all those who express belief in his treatments, Dato' Master Tole and his two-pronged autism treatments are truly a treasure.

Autism kids cure with The Tole Medication is achieved by a combination of herbal medicines and Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture. One visit to the Tole Centre and you will see Dato' Master Tole talking and playing with kids who have tiny needles inserted in various spots on their scalps. Flying in from 160 different countries, these patients see remarkable improvements in speech and communication skills after being treated with Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture twice daily for a prescribed period of time.

Different Treatments For Austism At The Tole Centre

Depending on how autistic a child is, Dato' Master Tole prescribes a 4 week, 3 months or 6 months treatment plan. Patients who complete a 4 week course have to come again after 6 months while those who finish a treatment for 3 to 6 months have to keep taking regular doses of herbal medication known as Brain Power Medicines.

Because The Tole Way Of Medication has become so famous, Dato' Master Tole also communicates with patients from across the world via the internet. Patients who cannot fly in for Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture at his centre immediately after being diagnosed with autism should at least start The Tole medication by contacting Dato' Master Tole, sending him their medical reports and ordering prescribed herbal autism potions online.