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Thetole Method: A Promising Progress for Autistic Children

The Tole treatment provides children with autism a chance at a normal life. It involves a blend of herbal medicines that can be taken on their own or combined with Thetole'sneuro-acupuncture sessions at The Tole center in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. Since they are looking for a comprehensive care plan and natural package for autistic children, parents of children diagnosed with an Autism spectrum disorder may find their paths crossed with Master Tole.

There is a delay in the general mental capacities of the Autistic child. They go through an abnormal childhood, not being able to make friends and maintain relationships maybe due to poor linguistic abilities. They may seem reckless since they often hit themselves due to their inability at gauging affection of others. Majority of the world says that the face is the index of the mind. This is not so with autistic children. They lack the ability to convey and relate to emotions. Also, sometimes it almost seems like they lack bones since they lack motor skills.

The Tole treatment changes their lives slowly, with subtle changes like giving autistic children more control over the muscles of their face. It is a boost to their ego if they can manage common tasks lying tying their own shoes and hold a spoon.The sincerity and natural alternative offered Dato' Master Tole provide a relief not only in terms of lesser symptoms but also increasing their self-respect and a respite from their life-long issues and exasperation.

Mr. Tole’s specialization in the field of Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM) and individualized approach has attracted more patients than physicians for his clinic. However, there is always someone available to cater to the health needs by of everyone who either comes physically or calls for their help. The provision of each set of herbal treatment is backed with a tradition of over one hundred and forty years.

Autism Children Treatment with Thetole

The Tole treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders guarantees no side-effects, just results. Unlike this method, mainstream Western drugs do not have a long-term solution.The autistic child and his family are made to feel right at home by the friendly and good-natured staff and physicians who take extra care of the needs of these special patients. Although no complete treatment is ever promised, since it would be false advertising, symptoms of Autistic spectrum disorders are relieved like improvement in cognitive and language skills.

The parents of one such child shifted from Ayurveda treatment to Master Tole’s Chinese herbal medicine for their child since they heard it was much more effective. Both are natural but they maintain that this was the right choice. There is a special satisfaction in knowing that their child has the best of objective methods with subjective care.After seeing the results of Thetole'sneuro-acupuncture for her child, the mother even started getting treatment for her own condition of chronic pain in the abdomen!Overall the patient and the family leave The Tole center with a feeling of satisfaction.