Leong Tole’s Secrets to Treat Adult Autism

One online search regarding autism and its cure and you will find a lot of results for a certain ‘Tole Medical Centre.’ By the sound of it, you may not feel obliged to delve further into what exactly the ‘Tole’ is; however, if you do, it will be safe to say that you will stumble upon a treasure.

The Tole Medical Center is a herbal medical facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by Leong Tole, a 4th generation offspring in the Tole lineage, the Tole Centre has gained a reputation far and wide for providing the best treatment for adult autism. What is it that Leong Tole does at the center that attracts autistic patients from over 160 countries? What is the secret behind his medication that has transformed a small family business into an internationally acclaimed and award winning medical centre?

Let’s take a closer look at how Dato' Master Tole treats his patients who come in with advanced autistic disabilities.

4 Tole Secrets for Curing Autism

Autism Adults Cure with The Tole is a combination of many factors, the first of them being herbal medicines. Leong prepares herbal concoctions for autism from plants that are either grown in his own nursery or imported from China. These potions are anything but ordinary. With a recipe that has been a Tole secret for over 145 years, Leong’s herbal cures have the power to increase brain power; something that works magic in an autistic patient’s body.

The Chinese Master combines these alternative medicines with Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture, another Chinese remedy for healing patients who are deprived of sound mind and body interactions. Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture is Leong’s forte. One visit to the centre and you will see many autistic patients waiting for the acupuncturist to insert needles painlessly in their scalps.

Because autism is a mental disability that robs an individual of normal bodily reactions, behaviors, expressions and non-verbal cues, curing it largely depends on how well the brain is empowered to coordinate and send signals throughout the body. Skillfully performed acupuncture increases the ‘chi’ flow between the neurons in the brain. With this, the neurons are better equipped to send signals and control bodily reactions.

Leong’s third secret to treat autism in adults is emotional therapy. The physician is adept at emotionally unraveling patients and engaging them in conversations. Even though an autistic adult doesn’t have much to say, Leong’s love and care for his patients enables him to connect with them on many levels. He says, “Sometimes I have to tell them to look in the mirror and smile for 15 minutes, three times a day. They don’t know that this relaxes the organs in their body.”

Last but not least, the old-school Master combines modern medicine with traditional methods of healing. Not once has Leong given out his herbal concoctions without taking an autistic patient’s pulse, examining his medical history and observing patterns of behavior and body language. Such a thorough focus on the patient’s well-being makes for a treatment that is well rounded, effective and enriched with healing powers.