thetole acupuncture herbs kuala lumpur cure malaysia treatment

thetole acupuncture herbs kuala lumpur medicine malaysia treatment

Dato' Master Tole has battled against the odds and statistics that modern science has prescribed for many diseases occurring today. Those patients who have lost all hope and those patients for whom the medications are not working, The Tole Medical Center for Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture has an answer.

Acupuncture dates back to over 5000 years ago, and is practiced to this day. It has been known to treat common colds and even heal diabetes patients. Now, even finding an AML cure with Thetole is not a faraway possibility. It is a reality.

thetole acupuncture herbs kuala lumpur medicine malaysia treatment

Acute myeloid leukemia is a form of blood cancer that begins in the bone marrow. AML develops most often from the cells that are converted into white blood cells. When leukemia is found in the bone marrow, the cells are not maturing properly. They continue to grow in number, never fully maturing.

AML is an acute type of cancer, as the name suggests. This means that it can spread very quickly to the blood and other vital organs of the body, including the lymph nodes, liver, brain, spinal cord and testicles. Once the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, it is difficult to treat.

Younger patients with no history of blood disorders or other cancers and who have no gene mutations have a better chance of recovering from AML. Older patients, smokers, males, and those suffering from congenital syndromes are at a greater risk of developing the disease. There is no way of preventing AML, as the cause is unknown. However, individuals can prevent it even if they fall into the at risk category by refraining from smoking and avoiding chemical exposure.

The symptoms related to AML are vague and can be caused by a variety of conditions. Some symptoms include severe fatigue, loss of weight and/or appetite and night sweats followed by fever. These symptoms occur due to a depletion of functioning, mature white blood cells. The normal blood cells cannot form even if they wanted to, as the abnormal cells take up all of the space in the bone marrow.

thetole acupuncture herbs kuala lumpur medicine malaysia treatment

It is imperative that treatment be started right away once a patient has been diagnosed with AML. Treatment methods can include chemotherapy, radiation or a bone marrow transplant. However, these treatments have serious side effects and can put the patient at further risk.

This is why Dato' Master Tole created The Tole Medical Center for Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. To ensure that patients are offered another, more suitable option: the natural option. At his Medical Center, Dato' Master Tole has healed thousands of sick individuals. Many come from all over the world, travelling from 160 different countries to find health at The Tole Medical Center. With the amazing progress of the centre, Dato' Master Tole can now help people with an AML cure with Thetole.

Natural remedies are handcrafted with each patient and their corresponding illness in mind. These customized packages are even couriered to patients who are unable to visit The Tole Medical Center in person.