The Tole Medication- The Way Forward?

For centuries, the Tole has had an unparalleled reputation as the pioneer of alternate means of medicine; generation after generation came, each carrying forward the family name. However, the fourth generation healer, Dato’ Master Tole drastically altered the face of alternate medicine.

Leong Hong Tole, also known as Dato’ Master Tole by his patients and coworkers out of sheer reverence, founded the Tole medical center in 1992. From being just a small clinic, Leong expanded it by leaps and bounds, in terms of the services and facilities provided- so much so, the Tole center is now known as the largest research facility in all of Asia.

ALL Treatments with Thetole

Modern medicine has witnessed remarkable improvements and advancements in recent times. It has even discovered ways to treat diseases such as cancer, which were once deemed non-curable. Despite the alarmingly high success rate of modern means of medicine, people still seek alternate ways for treating various illnesses. Master Tole is an expert acupuncturist and is equipped with years of experience in the field of Traditional Complementary Medicine.

Master Tole uses a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat various life threatening diseases. Based on the convenience of his patients and their medical history, Dato’ Master Tole uses a mix of treatments to cure ailments.

“If patients have a phobia of needles, they can be treated with herbs alone, but it depends on the problem. For strokes and cerebral palsy, I have to use needles.”

Dato’ Master Tole not only processes herbs into drinkable potions, he also advises an array of various other remedies. In several cases, he chalks out detailed diet plans for his patients, along with recommending regular sessions of emotional and psychological therapy.

“I also smell them. You can laugh, but if a patient has kidney problems, they smell different. I talk to the patient to find out their emotions because some of them do not even know how to smile! Sometimes I have to tell them to look at a mirror and smile for 15 minutes, three times a day! They don’t know that it makes the liver and other organs relaxed. I have to teach them what to do outside to manipulate what’s inside.”

Patients from far flung areas visit the Tole center to seek medical advice from Master Tole. From children to adults and medical practitioners to politicians, all believe in the medical capabilities of the 51 year old fourth generation healer. Dato’ Master Tole also provides online consulting services for patients who, for any reason whatsoever, are unable to consult him personally. Based on their prescription, he also delivers the herbal medication to their doorstep, no matter where they live.


Despite the success and breakthroughs in modern medicine, it has many side effects, which cannot be ignored or overlooked. Many people revert to alternate means of medicine, so as to do away with adverse repercussions of conventional medicine. The use of herbal medicine and acupuncture is on the rise and with the help of science, TCM has evolved and is giving top notch medical research centers a run for their money!