Making AML Cancer a Tole Miracle

Making miracle potions may be hard for many herbalists around the world; however, for Leong Tole, founder of The Tole Medical Centre, doing so is as easy as watering a plant. While Leong himself is never seen boasting the efficacy and success of his medical treatments against AML Cancer, the medical world doesn’t seem to get enough of them.

AML Cancer, one of the most common yet the worst type of leukemia seen in adults, is a hard disease to treat. AML has the power to cripple a patient immensely, robbing him of the most basic blessings of life, especially in advanced stages. In the face of such an ailment, Leong Tole’s comforting words and his promise of renewed health are breaths of fresh air.

The Tole Medical Procedure for AML Cancer

AML cancer cure with Thetole is simple yet effective. If you have never been an advocate of herbal antidotes, chances are Leong’s conviction in plants and their natural goodness will astonish you and may even make you curious. However, if you are ready to see this 51 year old physician turn the tables on a deadly disease like AML, be prepared to share his belief in Chinese healing systems.

Coming from a long line of Tole physicians, Leong is the 4th generation offspring to be running this family business, which has now transformed into one of the most famous medical facilities in all of South East Asia. Regardless of all the fame it has attracted, Dato' Master Tole’s philosophy and treatment protocols remain the same.

Before turning to herbs and acupuncture to start the recovery process in an AML patient, Tole turns on the power of his comforting words and genuine concern. He checks all patients for discoloration of the face and tongue, signs of weakness or fatigue and analyzes their behavior patterns. He says, “I also smell them. You can laugh but when a patient has a particular disease, they smell differently.”

Once diagnosed, Dato' Master Tole starts a Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture routine by skillfully inserting needles in a patient’s scalp. These needles do not hurt. Leong then adeptly starts to ease the patient emotionally. Emotional Therapy, thus, makes for a very strong component of The Tole’s medical process for AML Cancer. He explains further by saying, “I talk to the patient to find out their emotions because some of them don’t know how to smile! I tell them to look in the mirror and smile for 15 minutes three times a day. They don’t know that it relaxes their organs.”

While the acupuncture sessions are scheduled twice daily for about 6 months, the herbal concoctions have to be taken for a longer period of time. Coupled with acupuncture, the herbs help by strengthening the brain and increasing the ‘chi’ flow between neurons in the brain.

Thus, in combination with acupuncture, Leong’s miracle herbs increase immunity levels and equip the body with a far greater ability to fight off the growth of cancerous cells in the bone marrow.