• The Natural Tole Cure for All Ailments

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    Acupuncture has been used as a medical treatment for thousands of years across China and its neighbours.

    In recent years, with the advancements in modern medicine and the widespread preference for allopathic doctors across the first world, acupuncture had faded into the background. People feel safe being treated by a licensed doctor who will have an up to date know how of the latest innovations to help to treat their diseases. This could be because we are surrounded by a world that is consumed by the modern rat race, and thus reliance on the ancient disciplines makes people feel like they are regressing.

    The increase in technology has come with an increase in complicated diseases, the most widespread and daunting of which is cancer. Cancer is not a completely curable ailment as no antidote has been discovered for it. It is however suppressible with the help of chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy. These treatments are both expensive to administer and strenuous to go through. This has led to a slight change in perception, as people are turning to alternative medicine for answers, in the last few decades.

    ALL cure with Thetole

    One such alternative can be found at The Tole Acupuncture Medical Herbal Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This center has been in the Tole family for 145 years, with each generation passing on their knowledge to the next, teaching their children to master the art from an early age. The center is currently under the care of Dato' Master Tole, who is a fourth generation master. He is both a trained physician and a good acupuncturist, leading to thousands of people flocking to him every year.

    Recently his center has gained international recognition as well, with the news of his successful and The Tole treatments reaching the far corners. Besides boasting cures for every form of cancer out there, he also treats other diseases such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s, Epilepsy, Hypertension and many more.

    The understanding has been passed down from one to the other, with each generation updating the treatment according to the latest discoveries, incorporating their knowledge into their work. The ‘Tole way’ is a three step program.

    Step one is the herbal medicine. Each patient is individually examined and his medical history is analyzed to pinpoint where his problems are stemming from and identifying the cause. Then custom made herbal medicines are mixed and given to the patient to see their response. This medicine can be orally ingested or be used as a balm, depending on the Masters instructions. In cooperation with the medicines, the patient's diet is also tweaked, so that they are concentrating on the foods that will provide nutritional value to their bodies and not deplete it. If the herbal medicine works on its own, then there is no need to proceed to the other steps.

    Step two is acupuncture. If the patient is not responding to the medicine alone or if his disease has progressed to a high level, then acupuncture is added to the plan. The Master administers this with nodes attached to certain veins in your body, which deliver small doses of electricity to stimulate it. The frequency of the acupuncture varies from case to case.

    Step three, which is greatly stressed upon by the Master, is emotional therapy. At the Tole Center all patients are advised to have a positive outlook and to surround themselves with a support system of people that they can talk to. This is when the importance of ‘mind over matter’ is stressed upon; explaining to the patient and his companions that the better they feel psychologically, the easier they will be to treat.