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The Cure for Fourth Stage Cancer with the Tole Way of Medication

“Sometimes I have to tell them to look at the mirror and smile for 15 minutes, three times a day. They don’t know that this makes the liver and other organs more relaxed. I have to teach them what to do ‘outside’ to manipulate the inside.”

These are the words of Dato' Master Tole, an expert practitioner of alternative medicine. Master Leong is a fourth generation neuro-acupuncturist and Chinese physician. His family has been using its own herbal remedies for over a century now, and has been successfully treating generations of patients.

The practice of alternative medicine has largely been overshadowed by modern medical science. With the rise of deadly diseases such as Ebola, Cancer and AIDS, the hopes of our society have clung to research, which aims at perfecting the delivery of drugs and surgical procedures to treat such diseases. However, there are aspects of alternative medicine which transcend the understanding of some people, and have had their fair share of success in curing deadly diseases.While the practice has invited its opponents and critics, it has also gathered loyal patients and skilled preachers who are always willing to help, all over the world.

  • 4th Stage Cancer Cure with Thetole

    Master Leong is one such preacher. He believes firmly in the power of alternative medicine, and has even treated fourth stage cancer using his techniques at his medical facility in Kuala Lumpur. Master Leong gained his family’s ancient knowledge, which has long been kept a secret, from his father and uncle, and has earned the title of ‘Master’ from his disciples. He set up The Tole Acupuncture Herbal Medication Centre in 1992, which has been an abode of healing and solace for people from all over the worldwho are burdened by life threatening diseases.

    Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases currently affecting millions around the world. It has taken innumerable lives over the last decade, and the number of people diagnosed with cancer has only increased in recent years. Cancer results from the uncontrolled division of damaged cells inside the body, which can also infect healthy cells. A cancerous tumor forms in the infected region of the body.

    In its early stages, cancer can be treated by radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. However,most cancerous diseases, in their advanced or fourth stage are very difficult to treat using medicinal drugs and surgeries. But at the Tole, Master Leong has been treating fourth stage cancer patients for over two decades now. He uses a combination of Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture and herbal remedies to treat the disease.

    The treatment is tailored to suit the needs of the patient suffering from fourth stage cancer. Master Leong’s Thetole's Neuro Acupuncture is a process in which he inserts needles into the patients body to stimulate neuro-electric activity. This, combined with the herbal medicine, which heals and soothes the body, has been proven to treat patients with fourth stage cancer. Master Leong has been able to successfully reverse the disease and he has garnered a reputation over the years, which brings patients of fourth stage cancer, from more than 160 countries, to The Tole in search of his treatment.